Sunday, October 28, 2012

A busy Sunday

Football is on the TV.... laundry all away.... bread in the machine... oh that's right. I haven't told you about my new bread machine. Years ago I had a nice bread machine and used it all the time. When we sold everything and moved out West, it was one of many items that did not come with us. Last week while watching America's Test Kitchen, Mr H and I talked about making bread and about the machine we had. So we  went on line and found the one we wanted and voila! it is now in my kitchen.
 It is a Breadman and the French loaf we made at the start of the week was good. Today I am making Herb Italian loaf.  There are quite a few tastey sounding recipes in the book but one that I loved and used to make was Zucchini bread and I do not have that recipe. I will have to go on line to find one. I love fresh made bread. The French loaf  was delicious with olive oil and cracked pepper dip. Yum! Well, enough about the bread... I am making myself hungry.
The Travelling Bunny will be out tomorrow to Anne and since my last post, Cucki and Kaye also want to stitch it. So after Anne it goes off to Leila then to Cucki and then to Kaye. They say bunnies are very busy creatures and I guess this one is no exception! Talked with my brother this morning and all was still quiet on the East Coast. Today is another gorgeous day... although I think I will soon need to close the sliders and put on the ceiling fans. I stitched on an exchange piece earlier and will get back to it.  I am a huge PBR fan and will get to watch the finals this afternoon.   I do appreciate the kind words and emails. I do hope you have a great day.


cucki said...

Sending you big Beary hugs xxx

Kaisievic said...

Yummmmm! That bread sounds divine. I made Spring Onion pan loaf (not in a bread maker) the other night and it was delicious. Homemade bread is the best!

Thanks for adding my name to Mr Bunny's list.

hugs, Kaye

Nicola said...

Zucchini bread sounds delicious I will have to try that one

Mouse said...

ooooo freshly made bread yummmm ... used to make mine by hand years ago we had the perfect spot in the kitchen for it to rise .... may have to invest in a machine :)
love mouse xxxxx

Fiore said...

I also like kneading bread but I do only the simpliest receipe. Making bread by myself gives me so great satisfction!

Annette-California said...

Awe a bread machine - you will be spoiled now with hot fresh bread waiting for you. That Bunnie pattern has sure been getting around. I love seeing it appear on blogs. I loved your needlebook you made. So cute.
love Annette

Janet P said...

You can't beat the smell of freshly baked bread, and of course the taste.

SoCal Debbie said...

Congrats on your new bread maker! Would you believe my dentist has one in the office? They bake bread in the morning and offer it to patients in the waiting room! YUM!

PBR - Professional Bull Riding? I saw them once here in California and won a contest and had my picture taken with Silvano Alves.

butterfly said...

I can smell your bread over here smell just yummy. hugs.