Saturday, August 27, 2016

A response from Yvonne

In my last post, I said I would contact the designer...I did. I explained that I purchased the listed numbers but that none of them really matched the model pictured. I also commented that I do understand dye lots. The bottom line for me is that the model...the model pictured in the magazine is far different than the listed threads. Yvonne Buus replied quickly. She kindly offered an apology ( not necessary) Yvonne states that she used the listed colors. "I feel terrible" was very kind of her to tell me. I suggested that she checked my blog for what my project looks like and she did! Yvonne was very complimentary of my work. She then today sent me pictures of her threads and the project she did.....and they do match for the most part, but again, it is no where as the model which is what I thought I was doing.

This is the picture Yvonne sent to me. I am so sorry that I sent the email now. I did not intend to offend her or cause her grief over this.
I have pulled out the sky and as soon as the new colors arrive I will continue to work on it. I also ordered new color for the snow.
The fabric now has time to rest and heal but looks just fine. Please know that Yvonne has been very kind and concerned and caring. Will I punch another of her designs, definitely as they are lovely. Have I learned a lesson here? Yes I have. I will try to carefully select threads but it is difficult when you have to send away and rely on photos of them. I will try to purchase in person if possible.
From Yvonne: "Please share with your blog followers my apologies for any confusion and that the colors listed are the colors that were used. Lovely, lovely blog! Hope this helps! God bless! ❤ Yvonne Buus"
This issue is at rest now. Thank you my sweet friends for your kind words and most of all for your friendship.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The unhappy needle puncher

Here it is 3:30 AM and I am still frustrated with my project. Let me start with, I ordered exactly the Valdani threads listed. When they arrived, I though that they would be fine....not so.
As you can see from the pattern photo the colors are nothing like the actually project. I can live with the clothing colors and even the mistletoe color..... but not the sky or the snow colors. I do understand dye lot changes but these are more than that, they are not the same colors period. It has the look of a dreary day. Why is it that the model picture, which is what sometimes draws you to the project and the actual listed colors do not match at all...not at all. I have never had this happen before. friends I will begin to pull out the loops and smooth out my fabric and wait for the new colors which I ordered last night to arrive. And because there is a minimum order $$ amount to order, I had to buy something else to bring up the amount. Understand that I am not a cheapie but I do mind spending $30.00 more for thread for this project on top of the $60.00 already spent. Lesson learned, try to really compare (although some of the sample thread pictures are not the best) thread colors and make changes. I plan to write to the designer to explain why I am unhappy.... models should be stitched in the listed colors and these certainly were not. Rant over , well until I begin the dismantling of the sky.
When I began the project I said I needed to get a scissor that would enable me to trim the treads closer....glad I did not buy another one because I already had the perfect curved pair. I have a fair amount of scissors like many of you so it was simply overlooked. These are really just right. Thank you for the kind words for The Brother Alan...even he liked the post. I had planned a different post for today but it can wait. This rant was important to unload. I am lucky that you even listen! Thank you for being here and for your friendship and very kind words. Have a good day....

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Birthday wish for The Brother Alan

Today is my brother Alan's 58th birthday. Hard to believe how time flies. The above collage is from my many pictures of him....Skydiving, college graduation form Salve Regina College in Newport Rhode Island, a first grade picture, riding his bicycle and a very snowy Rhode Island winter. I love this man dearly. He has been a big brother at times when I needed one even though we are 11 years apart. Oh how I remember that day when I found out I was going to be a big sister was my thought. Why at almost eleven would I welcome a baby in the house....that is until he arrived and held my finger in his hand. To this day the title of "Just One Look" is my song for him because that is all it took....just one look at the chubby bundle in the crib. His visits with Dennis and me every year mean times of laughs and fun. Last year he and Lisa came out to celebrate my 69th birthday...what a treat. We went horseback riding
and what a good ride we had....he is already planning a ride for this year....a 4 hour ride... I will be home waiting with the heating pad for his rump! We enjoyed an afternoon with lunch at Arriba
Look at the size of this was delish as was the lunch. We went to the art museum  and did so many other fun things. Mostly we got a chance to sit and chat. I am so proud of the man he is. I am so happy he is my brother and my best friend. I hope you don't mind this posting is about him and not my stitching....but today it is all about him...The Brother Alan.
Happy Birthday my dear loving brother. Can't wait until you are here with us again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The week in review

Oh my goodness...the entire week has passed me by. Let me think; Mr H had physical therapy on Wednesday, not sure about Thursday and Friday or Saturday and Sunday, Mr H had physical therapy on Monday.....oh dear, do I have a problem!? Not really. The days have been uneventful but I did run errands and stitch and finish. I also found a way to keep my work clean while stitching.
I am using both ends of my Morgan hoop set. The 7 inch side is for my cross stitch angel and the needle punch is on the 10 inch end. I really am glad I bought this hoop set. So, I thought how can I keep it all clean. First on the 10 in side I have a clear plastic shower cap and on the 7 inch side a clear plastic bowl cover. Pretty good!

I started the angel over and changed the colors a little. I can remember a time when I would never have  changed colors...I have come a long way. Since I am not using the listed threads the suggested DMC were not entirely to my liking. I am pleased with my choice now. I also worked on my winter couple...
I am liking this also. I decided to use one thread (strand count) and feel it is looking quite nice. I even made the pom pom on his hat with longer loops...who knew I could! Adding some texture which I learned from Lori of Not Forgotten Farm fame. I find myself becoming very brave lately. I also made a stump work bee on a box...

Mr H painted the box for me. The bee is the same as the kit I have, almost. I lined the box with that fabulous bee print I found and tucked in a small bee inside. I do enjoy the process of stump work. I wanted to practice the bee before making it on the silk dupioni and using the pearl purl gold piece. I added some painted spots to the muslin back round and voila! a bee on a box. We had some rain which is cause for celebration but I think that is why I have a headache this morning. We seem to be getting a little each day which is good. Now, if the temps would just start to get cooler I would be so happy. I guess that is about it. I know this was a lot of pictures.... but it has been a week.....So happy you visited today. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.