Saturday, August 27, 2016

A response from Yvonne

In my last post, I said I would contact the designer...I did. I explained that I purchased the listed numbers but that none of them really matched the model pictured. I also commented that I do understand dye lots. The bottom line for me is that the model...the model pictured in the magazine is far different than the listed threads. Yvonne Buus replied quickly. She kindly offered an apology ( not necessary) Yvonne states that she used the listed colors. "I feel terrible" was very kind of her to tell me. I suggested that she checked my blog for what my project looks like and she did! Yvonne was very complimentary of my work. She then today sent me pictures of her threads and the project she did.....and they do match for the most part, but again, it is no where as the model which is what I thought I was doing.

This is the picture Yvonne sent to me. I am so sorry that I sent the email now. I did not intend to offend her or cause her grief over this.
I have pulled out the sky and as soon as the new colors arrive I will continue to work on it. I also ordered new color for the snow.
The fabric now has time to rest and heal but looks just fine. Please know that Yvonne has been very kind and concerned and caring. Will I punch another of her designs, definitely as they are lovely. Have I learned a lesson here? Yes I have. I will try to carefully select threads but it is difficult when you have to send away and rely on photos of them. I will try to purchase in person if possible.
From Yvonne: "Please share with your blog followers my apologies for any confusion and that the colors listed are the colors that were used. Lovely, lovely blog! Hope this helps! God bless! ❤ Yvonne Buus"
This issue is at rest now. Thank you my sweet friends for your kind words and most of all for your friendship.


Bea said...

I'm impressed that you got such a quick and understanding response. Any designer who cares that much about her customers is worth supporting.

Vickie said...

I second what Bea has said. Let us hope you now get thread for a lovely sky.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It was kind of the designer to get aback to you so quickly. I would say her sky is more beige than blue like the cover photo and your's is more to the brown than beige. Definitely a dyelot issue.

Yvonne said...

Grace! You are a dear! Thank you for such a sweet post- I feel like I have met a new friend! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I will be pleased as punch to share it!

Very fondly,


butterfly said...

Well thats great that the designer got back so fast.
Hope all goes well now hugs.

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: I have had the same problem and found that the photo was either in bad light or not using a good film or disk.
I have contacted many designers and found out was the lighting, the designers were very sweet about the problem, I love her designs and will look her up soon.