Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hello...I forgot to post!

Not that I am that busy, but I am definitely loosing time and some of my mind. I tat, stitch and sit. On the good news front, my blood pressure is coming down! I am only having 1-2 cups of coffee a day instead of 4 and no added salt.( most of the time) My 2nd injection on my knee went well yesterday with some soreness today so I wore my beautiful leg brace when I went to needlework group this morning and for a few errands. Rubbed the jell medication in and feeling pretty good right now. I forgot to post a lovely scented gift...
Sweet cousin Janice sent me homemade soap and it smells divine. I want to tell you about the "box" it came in. Last week I sent her a tatted sun catcher and could not find a suitable box and then saw this sandwich storage container in the dollar store...perfect size! So when Janice sent me the soap I got it back...I think this may be our new mailing box!! I am not one for saving so soon this will be in my soap dish for daily use. I love homemade soaps and buy them often. A nice surprise on Tuesday...the tatting group leader asked if they could put my pink tatted egg in the Spring display window....of course I said. Did I mention that we are replacing the kitchen faucet? Well, it is bought but I am trying to find someone to install as Dennis can no longer get down under a sink. The first guy wanted $250 (I have the faucet), the second guy wanted $169 (I have the faucet), just got an email for the 3rd guy and he "thinks" maybe $75- 100 (I have the faucet) I am very tempted to do this me, myself and I but figure I would have to do this in the middle of the night while you know who is asleep, and I am guessing I would run into a problem. Oh, I did managed to change the filters for the drinking water...of course I messed the the hot water flow, could not get the water to flow into the drinking faucet, but in the end I fixed it all. Soon, I will be changing the refrigerator filters...I promise to keep the yelling down. Now today I could not get my printer to copy 2 sheets of paper to one...I have done this before but it is not working today! I am taking a mental vacation for at least the rest of the day. Sorry for the rant today, but thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a good feet are going up and my recliner back!
A pretty bloom from the garden