Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mail~~new start and the Madame

I am still having blogger issues. I am not seeing my "regular looking" page... I can not correct it.... and it is frustrating. I do hope you can bear with me through this. I have been unable to comment on some blogs, get mine to sign out or in. When I go to the template page it looks right! Now I cannot upload photos...reached my limit...
Before going out the door to work yesterday, the post arrived....
I did manage to quickly open it. It is Kumihimo Braiding. I ordered it from Nordic Needle. I is complete to make an 18 inch necklace.... I think I may take some of it out and change it to a bracelet. The choice of material colors was by chance. It is quite simple and the directions are very easy to follow. I even took their suggestion of using pennies....25 of them as a weight.
I am off to work today... got to come home a little early yesterday. I would rather stay home to stitch and braid. I Am still waiting for Nic to reply to my address request for the magazine. If I do not hear from her this weekend I will draw another name
A word from Madame Muriel
Hello my friends. I have enjoyed my visit here with the family. Ms Zoe has been very gentle and not a problem at all. Mr H has included me in taking rides and of course Gracie has taken me to work, shopping, and to restaurants. I have enjoyed going to the big pool, a stitch group and just being in the yard.....but, it is time to think about looking for a new host. The weather here has been hot and it will be getting hotter yet. So, if you would like to have me visit and stay a while with you, please let Ms Zoe and Gracie know.
Thank you all for your kind words and emails. I really appreciate your visits. Welcome to new friends. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I feel better, but what about my blog?

Well, today is a much better day. I have been sleeping better and the 3 injection sites are sore but not as bruised. But what is with blogger? I can not send messages throught the freinds connect, it is not showing me in script... how about you? Are you seeing it in the scripted written format?
Zoe seems to be doing okay with the new meds. Of couurse it is only day two, but I think she will do okay. She seems to be one tough old girl.
I have not stitch pictures to show, although I did begin the new project that I hinted at the other day. Welcome to a new friend here.... thank you all for stopping byu and have a great day.

Madame Muriel will stop by tomorrow....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A day of rest

Ms Zoe started her new arthritis meds today. We will keep a close eye to be sure she can tolerate them. One of the side effects is drowsiness... how would we know? she spends all day napping! We thank you so much for all the care and good wishes for her.
I went to our pain management doctor yesterday. My right hip has been very painful. He gave me 3 injections. I must say, they did hurt. Today I woke with a terrible headache which can be a side effect... so I called out for work and napped. Needless to say there has been no stitching yesterday or today. But.... I did find a new start....
All of this will be the project. I have taken the creative liberty of making floss changes and linen changes.... I think it will all work. The next time I hope to have it started for you to see.
I did go out for a minute.... just a minute because I was barefoot as usual and the ground is very hot.
But I could not resist the Honeysuckle against the blue sky. It seems to grow by leaps and bounds daily. Mr H trims it weekly just to keep it manageable. It is time to return to a comfortable chair with my cuppa and listen to Roy Orbison.... I so miss the Playlist here. But as of yet, I can not re-load it. I will have to contact them to see what is what. Does anyone have a clue about it?
Thank you for sharing part of your day with me. Welcome to new friends and thank you for the kind words and email..... enjoy your day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A win and 100 more

The post brought me a wonderful package yesterday I had won the drawing over a Terri's blog...Rosy Stitches and what a generous package it is....
Several charts, some floss and a floor stand for stitching! Such an assortment.

Included is this beautiful bracelet that Terri made.....Oh the crystals do shine! I plan to wear it to work today to show it off! Although I do some beading, I have not tried to make these tennis bracelet styles....just may have to now.

I did get in some stitching yesterday on HAED iris....but first there was the trip to the post office to get stamps and then to get some chocolates from See's candy....
Another 100 stitches and 28 colors of 90 now in use. Just a hint of an Iris is showing... I also planned to work on an exchange I am partnered with in December, but never opened the distracted by who knows what.

I did speak with Ms Zoe's vet, Dr Lori H...about meds to help with Zoe's arthritis. Zoe is having some difficulty when she wakes from her naps.... which are many in the course of a day. She will start on a pill each day for two weeks then blood work if she can tolerate them. Never ending when we get old..... Mr H and I can attest to that!  We will make sure that Zoe has whatever will help her along. This old girl is Mr H's "baby girl".

Have you noticed there is no music playing here anymore? For whatever reason, Playlist is not allowing the use added to blogs... at least I can not get it back. They have a "new improved website" and I can not download. So until I can reload music, just hum.
Time for me to relax a bit before heading off to work. It was so nice to chat with you all today. Thank you for all the kind thoughts for Zoe recently I know they all helped. Welcome to my new friends. If you have  a blog, let me know so I can stop by and say hello. Sometimes I have no way of reaching out to you and I really would like to. Still waiting for one of my drawing winners to send me her address...Nic from Obsessive Cross Stitcher..... take care and have a good day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grover says....and a coyote

Last night was a good sleep night. We did hear from the vet late Saturday afternoon. Ms Zoe's infection is gone and no known issues. Really good news. Of course her memory pattern is still off.... very selective hearing and such. So, for now we have her back to her normal self.
Went out the garage door to get the newspaper...
This guy was there to greet me. Contrary to what people think, they really do not bother you unless they are threatened... or hungry. He did give me a good look before trotting off.

And Grover says...the winners are~~~~~Cross Stitcher #252...chiara (thegreytail) and Just Cross
Stitch...Nic (Obsessive Cross Stitcher) and Cross Stitcher #251...lanybleu (lanybleu Stitches. So please email you addresses so I can send these out  to you. Thank you all for entering. About Grover.... we bought him many years ago and he looks it! for the boys. They loved Sesame Street and this hand puppet spent lots of time with guidance from Mr H talking to tour boys. He has been much loved. Now he resided s in my sewing room and every time I see him I remember all the times he chatted with my boys.

Work got in the way of stitching yesterday and forget about last night. Today promises to be a good stitch day.. maybe a few other projects thrown in. As I type this, I am hearing the Gamble Quails with there 8 babies roaming around the yard... I don't dare try to capture a photo as they have very keen eyesight and will be gone in a flash leaving the babies behind for awhile. Then I will have to listen to their soulful cries looking for mama and papa! Not gonna happen! I really enjoyed you stopping by today. Have a great day.