Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A win and 100 more

The post brought me a wonderful package yesterday I had won the drawing over a Terri's blog...Rosy Stitches and what a generous package it is....
Several charts, some floss and a floor stand for stitching! Such an assortment.

Included is this beautiful bracelet that Terri made.....Oh the crystals do shine! I plan to wear it to work today to show it off! Although I do some beading, I have not tried to make these tennis bracelet styles....just may have to now.

I did get in some stitching yesterday on HAED iris....but first there was the trip to the post office to get stamps and then to get some chocolates from See's candy....
Another 100 stitches and 28 colors of 90 now in use. Just a hint of an Iris is showing... I also planned to work on an exchange I am partnered with in December, but never opened the folder....got distracted by who knows what.

I did speak with Ms Zoe's vet, Dr Lori H...about meds to help with Zoe's arthritis. Zoe is having some difficulty when she wakes from her naps.... which are many in the course of a day. She will start on a pill each day for two weeks then blood work if she can tolerate them. Never ending when we get old..... Mr H and I can attest to that!  We will make sure that Zoe has whatever will help her along. This old girl is Mr H's "baby girl".

Have you noticed there is no music playing here anymore? For whatever reason, Playlist is not allowing the use added to blogs... at least I can not get it back. They have a "new improved website" and I can not download. So until I can reload music, just hum.
Time for me to relax a bit before heading off to work. It was so nice to chat with you all today. Thank you for all the kind thoughts for Zoe recently I know they all helped. Welcome to my new friends. If you have  a blog, let me know so I can stop by and say hello. Sometimes I have no way of reaching out to you and I really would like to. Still waiting for one of my drawing winners to send me her address...Nic from Obsessive Cross Stitcher..... take care and have a good day.


milly said...

What a lovely package to win and that bracelet is beautiful.

Hope the pills help Zoe's arthritis and make rising a little more bearable for her.

Shame about the music hopefully you will get it back one day.

Cole said...

Wow, what an incredible package of goodies! Love the bracelet too :)

I'm excited to watch the progress of your HAED, I'm just getting my first one ready... thinking that gridding is obviously the way to go. Did you just use regular sewing thread?

Janet P said...

Super bracelet! Let's hope these tablets help Ms Zoe. x

Vickie said...

What great gifts!! Take care Zoe.♥ It is nice to see the new progress to the iris.

Parsley said...

Oh my goodness! Those goodies are to drool over for sure!

Hugs to Zoe.

Kaisievic said...

Lovely gifts - I did not know that you could play music on blogs. Interesting!

Margaret said...

Yeah! Now when I come to think about it -- the music has gone.
I am not as observant as I thought.