Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grover says....and a coyote

Last night was a good sleep night. We did hear from the vet late Saturday afternoon. Ms Zoe's infection is gone and no known issues. Really good news. Of course her memory pattern is still off.... very selective hearing and such. So, for now we have her back to her normal self.
Went out the garage door to get the newspaper...
This guy was there to greet me. Contrary to what people think, they really do not bother you unless they are threatened... or hungry. He did give me a good look before trotting off.

And Grover says...the winners are~~~~~Cross Stitcher #252...chiara (thegreytail) and Just Cross
Stitch...Nic (Obsessive Cross Stitcher) and Cross Stitcher #251...lanybleu (lanybleu Stitches. So please email you addresses so I can send these out  to you. Thank you all for entering. About Grover.... we bought him many years ago and he looks it! for the boys. They loved Sesame Street and this hand puppet spent lots of time with guidance from Mr H talking to tour boys. He has been much loved. Now he resided s in my sewing room and every time I see him I remember all the times he chatted with my boys.

Work got in the way of stitching yesterday and forget about last night. Today promises to be a good stitch day.. maybe a few other projects thrown in. As I type this, I am hearing the Gamble Quails with there 8 babies roaming around the yard... I don't dare try to capture a photo as they have very keen eyesight and will be gone in a flash leaving the babies behind for awhile. Then I will have to listen to their soulful cries looking for mama and papa! Not gonna happen! I really enjoyed you stopping by today. Have a great day.


Janet P said...

So relieved to hear your good news, at last you will be able to rest more easily. x

CalamityJr said...

What a great report from the vet. Thanks for letting us know!

thegreytail said...

oh Gracie I'm so happy for little Zoe!
thank goodness!

Sesame Street.. oh my.. I've grown up (if anything like growing up suits me, to be honest..) with it! I remember Oscar the Grouch and The Count were my favourites.. Grover and Cookie monster, Big Bird, Elmo.. I could go on for hours! :D
your kids were so lucky to have a real one with them! ;D

thegreytail said...

I sent it before I finished writing (this is so me..! :D)
thank you thank you thank you for the giveaway!
my very fist win at one of them! grazie! :D

Kaisievic said...

So glad to hear that Zoe is better and congratulations to the three winners.

hugs, Kaye

Annette-California said...

Happy to hear your good news about Ms. Zoe. I hope you have a zoom lens on your camera, the coyote looks to close to you Grace... & happy for all the winners - congrats!

lanybleu said...

Thats great news, glad she is on the mend.

Thanks for having the giveaway, I have sent my addy to you. I was so pleased to get one of these mags, thanks so much for doing it.

Vickie said...

Hooray for Zoe, she and Mabel are on the mend aren't they? I loved Grover. Does your husband do the Grover voice?

Mindi said...

I'm glad Zoe is doing better, and it seems our fur-babies always have selective hearing. We hear the coyotes yipping and howling in the canyon behind the house, but so far none of them have been brave enough to come up to the yard in broad daylight. Night time, that's another story, and there are a few less fish in the koi pond due to them. :)

milly said...

Happy to hear that Zoe is feeling better now.
Hope you enjoy a good stitching day today.