Thursday, June 14, 2012

A day of rest

Ms Zoe started her new arthritis meds today. We will keep a close eye to be sure she can tolerate them. One of the side effects is drowsiness... how would we know? she spends all day napping! We thank you so much for all the care and good wishes for her.
I went to our pain management doctor yesterday. My right hip has been very painful. He gave me 3 injections. I must say, they did hurt. Today I woke with a terrible headache which can be a side effect... so I called out for work and napped. Needless to say there has been no stitching yesterday or today. But.... I did find a new start....
All of this will be the project. I have taken the creative liberty of making floss changes and linen changes.... I think it will all work. The next time I hope to have it started for you to see.
I did go out for a minute.... just a minute because I was barefoot as usual and the ground is very hot.
But I could not resist the Honeysuckle against the blue sky. It seems to grow by leaps and bounds daily. Mr H trims it weekly just to keep it manageable. It is time to return to a comfortable chair with my cuppa and listen to Roy Orbison.... I so miss the Playlist here. But as of yet, I can not re-load it. I will have to contact them to see what is what. Does anyone have a clue about it?
Thank you for sharing part of your day with me. Welcome to new friends and thank you for the kind words and email..... enjoy your day.


And This Little Pig said...

Hey Gracie hope Miss Zoe tolerates the new meds and they help. Nothing worse than pain for both you and her :@ Love the kit up, pretty. Beautiful garden shot. Bare feet would be a joy, ugg boots all round here, even have a little pair under my desk at work :@ Have a great day enjoy your comfie chair and good ole Roy.

LiBBiE in Oz

Mouse said...

awww hope the new meds start to help miss Zoe :)
like the look of the new start ... love the smell of honeysuckle and wish we could be warm enough to walk barefooted .... still wearing cardigans and coats here at the mo and its supposed to be summer !!!
and love roy orbison too :) love mouse xxxx

Vickie said...

Oh no Gracie! It is my left hip that I have lived in daily pain since 7 years ago. I went through prolotherapy with it. Are those the injections you are getting? I had flu like symptoms afterwards. I did those for half a year. They gave me excellent pain relief one time! For almost a month. I hope whatever your injections give you fabulous relief. Let me know though,okay? I care. :)

thegreytail said...

I'm sorry you're still having troubles Gracie.. hope everything turns out fine for all of you..
you picked some beautiful fabric/threads colours up there!! what are you up next I wonder..
your honeysuckle looks so good.. I wish I could do things my way here and grow a botanical garden! :D
enjoy your day off, take care.. chiara