Friday, June 24, 2016

Ready to fly~~~~~

I am so pleased with this my second Punch Needle project.....I am learning as I go. For example...I do not need to punch so close to each row...a little more space is better. Most of the time I am leaving a space between rows... then I think it will not be full enough and I get off track. This had Rayon threads so that was new to me. I am already thinking of the next one! We are still in our heat but they removed the Heat Advisory, because the temps will only be in the 115 range...still hot no matter what you call it. This is also the start of the Monsoon season...dust and lightening/rain storms. I will remain in and out only when necessary. Mr H is starting to pay attention to what he is not suppose to do and is feeling much better. Yesterday was our yearly trim the palms....
I am so amazed at these men who shimmy up/down the 40- to foot trees. The are heavily dressed: head and necks covered, long sleeve shirts and long pants in blazing mid-morning sun. The temp was around 110 when they were here.
3 men do the trimming, and seven do the clean up and shredding. It makes for quick work. We have 19 palms on our property, 9 of them in our courtyard. After they leave all the cow birds arrive looking for bugs and seeds to munch. It gets rather busy! Today I must concentrate on my Christmas in July has been started but I really need to complete and get ready for the July 1st mail date. Especially since my package is leaving the country. I must tell you how grateful I am for your friendship...thank you for the kind words and good wishes for Mr H. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We are doing okay....sort of

What a time we have had. Mr H and I reported to the hospital to check in at 5:30 AM on Friday for a 7:30 surgery. Not really! At 7 am he was admitted to pre-op and I joined him at 7:30. They were having difficulty getting the IV in place so they had to have someone come to pre-op to get it in. Spoke to the doctor briefly then he disappeared. Finally at 8:30 a gal came in and after one half hour of prodding and poking got the IV in. Mr H was ready to pass out. Now it is 8:30 so I ask about the surgery. It had been changed to 10:30....and instead of being first, Mr H was second to go. Finally a 8:15 in comes the doctor and the anesthesiologist to sign off and the OR nurse. Then comes another doctor who starts to hook up wires and explains that he will be monitoring this and that...why I ask; well the surgeon will be cutting clos to the spinal cord and I will help make sure nothing goes look at Mr H who is now turning white...luckily, this doctor was really in tune and he and Mr H began to joke about. So, after 6 hours in pro-op ! off to surgery. Once there they discover that the IV is not working so now they have to redo forward to 2:30 and Mr H was headed to recovery. Did I mention that I had been awake since 1am and Mr H since 3???? I have to tell you that I was completely exhausted. We are finally home, came home on Sunday.  First day home was lots of pain, but slowly feeling better. Now to keep him in check. Like: why are you walking without the walker, what are you doing outside, do not bend, no lifting...and it goes on. Because at the moment he feels okay, he thinks it is okay to do this or that. I did manage to do some stitching at the hospital on my hummingbird.
I really am enjoying Needle Punch. This project has lots of Rayon thread which is quite slippery, but so far I think it is looking good.
I did try to keep the garden watered but with the  temps around 117-118 for a few days (they are still around 116) it was not easy. Mr H looks out the window and sighs.
I does appear that the Snail vine is well as a few other plants. Like this Snapdragon

My thought is they are only plants...the fish in the pond are fine that was my real concern.  I think I will try to get outside really early and trim back some of the plants. Needless to say, we are hunkered down inside where the air conditioner and ceiling fans is keeping us comfortable. That's the story. Thank you to those who sent me messages and thank you for your kind words and of course you friendship. Have a good day....