Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hanging in there

Glad the week is over!~ Mr H finished his PT and now we wait for the surgeon to clear him in all areas. He had a problem on Thursday...we think he pulled a muscle in his right thigh because he could barely walk all day and it was swollen but slowing improving. My hand really was hurting so I saw our Pain Specialist on Friday...
3 injections and they did hurt...a lot! But today I it is feeling better. He did an Ultra sound and we can see a small "mass" but he was unable to draw any fluid from it. I am hoping that I will soon be stitching again. I think I have been over doing it so I will I will try...key word here, to take more frequent breaks. Problem is that I am feeling good so I over do. I plan to keep my tablet at hand so when I rest the needle I will read and maybe that will help. I am also going to resume using the hand brace which will prevent me from stitching. I was making wonderful progress on my Bell pull which is ready for the final finish and the SAL with February just about complete. Oh well. Oh remember the
look at the Hyacinths now! Fully opened all 3 of them and so heavy that I have to brace them. Also, it seems that Mr H had a sinus reaction to the fragrance once they all bloomed so out of the living room and into the kitchen. I am so glad I tried this for the first time. I have read that they can not be planted once forced in water and that I can. So we will try. Mr H suggest taking one as an experiment and cutting it back to a blub and brown paper bag it in the fridge for a while and then planting it. It will give him something to do until he can really get into the garden again. That is about it my friends. Oh speaking of friends....Dear Jeanne and I got to spend some time chatting yesterday....I am so lucky to count her as my friend. No stitching, but chatting is okay. We actually played on the computer visiting blogs...showing her how so to speak. Now off to put the laundry into the dryer, read the newspaper (or not) and get ready to get out to run some errands. Did I mention the Brother Alan is coming? Yes he arrives in 11 days but who is really counting!!! Thank you all for your friendship and kind words which always make my day. Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, January 11, 2016

thank you for asking

Oh yes, I am still here...just trying to catch up and as you know, life gets in the way. I am slow with my stitching these past days. Planning to see the doctor for my hand soon. The rains have finally stopped but the chill is still in the air.
Our marigolds have been broken recently and this is the culprit. He is adorable but in his attempt to eat the flowers he is causing them to break...and I watch it from my kitchen window. At first I thought it was a Finch. Checking the birding book we have shows him to be a Verdin...I think. Common here in Arizona. whatever he is, he is a nice addition to the garden (not sure Mr H thinks so!)  Remember the Hyacinth picture from Thursdays post....
doesn't  it look pretty...and the fragrance is lovely. I have 2 more; another purple and a white that I bought last evening. this seems to be just the right place for them in the living room window. I wonder if they can be planted after they bloom? If anyone knows, please share with me. Well. laundry is ready to be folded and I need cup of coffee and my stitching awaits me...felling a bit busy right about now. Off to PT today with Mr H. Glad to have you visit with me and I thank you for the friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.
Un-Birthday news soon....