Saturday, January 21, 2017

Angry sky~~~~angry chimes

We have several chimes  hanging outside, both in the front yard and the back. I love the sounds, each so different. Heck we even have them inside that we can tap as we pass. Today however.....

this angry sunrise sky and the winds are causing angry chime sounds. They are slamming and banging. Although the sound is not soft and gentle it is not totally unpleasant. Yesterday was a day of rain all day. Today does not look like a Valley of the Sun day for sure. Even as the light of day is now here, it is cloudy and drab. However, my sewing room from yesterday as well as this morning has been lovely.
Alice has a motif to stand on, almost. I am missing the thread and still have not gone out for it. Did I mention that I do not like driving in the rain? I know it may be a little difficult to see her legs. I am stitching n white linen and her stockings are white but I plan to add a light grey outline to define them. I also have started another project...I know, but if you really know me you also know how I must be here and there and everywhere. This is something that I saw on Donna Add to dictionary' blog, By The Bay. It is her Words of Affirmation banner. I love the idea so I started it and will stitch one a month. they are the words she chose but they are great words to think about and stitch. The first is
Love....a wonderful word for thought. I stitched it in DMC 155 and on a piece of beet stained 28 count. Love the color it is. Of course lavender is my favorite color so there. Now to embellish it and then to attach it to the banner. Oh, right, I did not make the banner yet. Well, plenty of time for that. I like the way Donna made hers so I hope to do it the same. I think she is a wonderful designer. Oh, as I am typing and I look over my right shoulder what do I see? The sun but with so many grey clouds, it still will not be a sunny bright day! I will pleased if it does not rain so I can go out (sound like a wimp) and get Alice's thread and few other things. In the meantime, I will return to the sewing table and trim up Love and get more motif stitching done. Glad you stopped by today. Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship. Have a great day....I plan to!   💟

Friday, January 20, 2017

Moving on

Well, things seem to be okay. I think I know where I have been and now I think I am found. Such loving thoughts from you my can I be lost if Butterfly found me! Thank you June! Then such lovely words from Carolyn (no Blog) who visits and tells me she enjoys my blog! It seems that once in awhile days are just blah. Maybe it was the weather? It has been a very on/off cloudy rainy week something we do not get much of here in The Valley of the Sun. I really think part of my woe is me is my upcoming birthday...I have never cared about the number attached to my special day but this one is my unpopular one. Just saying 71 gives me a headache. I don't know what it is suppose to feel like. I do not feel any different but somehow it is the number.....Last year if you remember, The Brother Alan came to celebrate my special day (and it was very special). I know it will pass....unfortunately there are still 13 days to it. I have stitched a bit on Alice but realized a thread that I need I do not have. How does this happen when I thought I carefully collected all of them. to Jo Anns today so I can complete the motif. How about an update on mom, EvaP.  She is back home to her apartment and so far is doing okay. Now all she has to do is eat properly and drink to stay hydrated. Sounds simple enough....not! Our appointment with the spine surgeon went well. His first words to Mr H were as he pulled up the x-rays, "the piece I put in is healing just fine. Your back is a mess". Mr H is accepting this without any further surgery and also that we will be getting a handicap parking tag for the car. Hard to get older sometimes and to accept what we can not change. I have been stitching on Alice this morning while watching The Lone Ranger. Did you watch him as a child? I remember well....a good guy. Love the oldies....and in music too. I enjoy stitching with music playing. I think today might be a U2 music day. I see that my follower list is back...could be that I sent an email to blogger?
I guess I should keep you informed of the Faeries that are around me...
this sweetie hangs around my sewing room...pretty to look at. She measures about 12 inches. One of 4 who live in the sewing room. Well, I need to check the dryer and feed myself. So good to have you visit. Thank you for the kind words and of course for your friendship. Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Feeling lost

Just feeling like it will be one of those days. Mr H has a follow-up with his spine surgeon this morning. He had x-rays yesterday so we can be sure it is healing well. I must say Mr H has not had any problems with that surgery. Last evening he told me that he will tell the doctor that he does not want any further surgery. His spine is has many disc issues so it would be almost never ending to try to fix them all. Today just may be one of those days for me. I am feeling lost and really would like to be found. Have no reasons why. I did manage to make
a tatted heart on Monday with a very light pink tinged gem for the center. Not sure if I want to add a ribbon to the top so that is why you see the tatting threads still loose. It certainly has been fun making this small projects rather than tatting a large piece. Have you noticed that my list of followers is missing? Have no idea where it went or how to get it back. Speaking of any of you follow Coni over at The Spinster Stitcher ? Coni has not been feeling well and recently lost her beloved Master Stewey fur baby. I ask that you keep our fellow blogger in your thoughts. She is delightful and her posts are always fun as well as her stitching is beautiful. We all need someone to hold us in thought at one time or another if not daily. I think I will sit with Alice and begin her first motif after all it is the one she is using to stand on! Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by, but most of all thank you for your friendship. Have a good day.
PS if anyone finds me, please let me know...I do not like felling lost!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Alice is in the house

Today I put the shoes on Alice
Did you notice her hair ribbon is not stitched? Well, that is because it will be dimensional and I do not want it to get mangled once I start to move the Q-snaps up. Her stockings do not show up as well as they do in person with this picture. Glad to have her finally finished so I can get to the motif section. I have been tatting--------
these are Baby Lucky Pennies. The blue one will be mailed out to a special little boy...more on that later. I just bought a heart shaped pattern to try hopefully later today. I know...I just said I would be cross stitching on Alice and now I tell you I will be tatting. The truth is I go from one project to another in the course of the day. I enjoy working that way. Especially on a day like today. Our weather has been "off" with cloudy days, rain/drizzle on and off and cooler temps. Not complaining about the weather, just it is what it is. Variety makes my day pleasant. My list for today is laundry, well that can be crossed off, make pudding, wash my hair, organize my craft table, make bread dough mix around 1PM and then there is the line------ do something else. Not sure why I wrote that!?! Oh well, I make these lists daily and there is even the start of one for tomorrow. If you thinking, how organizes she is, think again, I only hope to get some of the items crossed off. I must say thank you for all the kind words for my Mermaid and her Jewels piece. This is the description taken from the page of San Francisco Needlework and Design
“Stitch at Home Challenge” as a way to encourage and inspire people to stitch. This is not a competition but a challenge. For each challenge we will provide you with an inspiration and you may use any needlework technique or combination of techniques in order to make a piece of textile art. We will offer a new Challenge and Inspiration quarterly. I will let you know when they post the pictures. I have given permission for them to post mine. It was fun and I hope to enter the next challenge as well. No then, I guess I should make a cup of coffee and have breakfast so I will have some ambition to work off my list, or not. It is much nicer to stitch or tat on this cloudy morning. Thank you for visiting and for your kind words and most of all for your friendship.