Saturday, June 9, 2012


Not a good sleeping night. Ms Zoe was up all night.... so I was up all night. It is going to be a long work day. We are still waiting for her test results... most likely Monday. Thank you for the kind thoughts for her. Nerve racking waiting for the vet to call.

I should have had more stitches to show you, but only 100 as I had to remove almost 100 tiny little X's... my count was off. Should never stitch in the middle of the night!
Slow progress, but then I did know it would be like this. I just keep telling myself how lovely it will be when it is finished someday.

There are not enough hours in my day for the plans I make. Actually, it is more that I am tired by the time I am in from work. Imagine if I worked full time again! Horrible thought!! I really should just stick to the plan I make instead of lounging around watching movies with Mr H. Nah, I like sitting with Mr H.... we enjoy the old movies and British TV series. Right now we are re-watching Foyle's War. Then we toss in Perry Mason or a Poirot.... yes, that is what I like best at night. Well, I need to drink another cup of coffee to try to kick start this day. Saturdays are busy at Jo Ann's fabric counter. Remember, tonight I will draw for the 3 magazines.... there will be 3 draws. So leave a comment if you have not yet and would like a chance. Here is the original post so you can see the magazines up for grabs. Also, if you are thinking of a My Memories digital scrapbooking purchase and would like a $10 coupon off , grab the savings code listed under their banner on my sidebar. Welcome to my new friends... I noticed the counter is up to 195.... 5 more and you know there will be a giveaway. Thanks for the kind thoughts and email...have a good day. Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the winner's names!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sometimes the post brings other things....

Busy day yesterday. What did I do... now that I think of it, it really was not busy at all. Still waiting for Ms Zoe's test results.... she was exhausted from the prodding and a nap was in order. Actually she naps most of the day!

I did some stitching on HAED up to 27 colors and I am beginning to see the tip of and Iris petal. The new colors are in the lower right corner... the light blue shades. I also sorted a few new pieces to start and one that I will kit and put with my suitcase for my August vacation. You think it is too early to plan? Not so, once done then I can check it off my packing list and it will not be last minute to organize a kit.

Yesterday the doorbell rang and FedEx left a package.
On Sunday we had gone to Macy's and Mr H decided to buy me a pretty wine glass. I normally use a very inexpensive one... one of those sets of 4 kind... anyway, we bought 2 for a set. He does not drink at all so they are mine...all mine!
They are so elegant. Hard to see, but there is a fine silver trim along the rim. They are Lenox and a little pricey. The saleslady did remark "and they are on sale" ! still a bit much but the wine will sure look nice and taste good.
Don't forget I will be drawing the magazine giveaway on Saturday night.... if interested please leave a comment. I am so glad you took some time to visit...thank you for the kind words and emails....I really enjoy hearing from you. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blah Blah Blah and Palm trees

Oh, I am having one of those days. I have no ambition. I did browse my stash...... I did sort some trim...... I did clean my work area..... I did have a second cup of coffee.... I did put a wash in...... but did I stitch? No. Did I find a new project? No. Blah Blah Blah!

Ms Zoe needs to be taken to the vet this morning around 8 am. That means I will have to wake her, take her out and hope she does what needs to be done then drop her off to the vet for a few hours. She has been having UTI's and her white blood count is so very high, they want to get a very sterile sample. She went on Monday but I had to take her back home. So today is another try. She will be 12  this July 12th and I do think she is starting to fail. I wish Mr H could be more in tune with this, but he is in denial that this is happening. I think I am stressing over today with her and that is probably why I am in this mood.

Today is trim the palm trees day. What a job these men have...
They climb up and into the top of the trees which here are about 40 feet high. They really do get into the tree completelyand as you can see... disappear! The palms fall and are heavy enough to actually dent the lawn when they land. The job requires the 2 men who climb and trim and then the 2 guys who clean up and one who chips the palms. The Grackles are here to find the bugs and seeds. Both female and male birds gather. Today there were at lest 10 of them scouring the fallen palms. A big bird, the female is about 15 inches and the male around 18.  Our Association has about 18 Palm trees, with 9 of them in our courtyard! Always an event!
Well, guess I better finish the wash... and get ready to wake baby girl and get off to the vet.It will be an anxious day waiting for the test results. I m glad you stopped by today. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... I love hearing from you. Hope your day is great.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sounds of the pond and a giveaway

What a lovely morning... I am sure I will have to close the slider soon, but for now, the temp is not up there. The sound of gurgling water from the little pond is so soothing. I must introduce you to a fellow who is hanging around quite a bit....
This handsome fellow is about 10 inches from nose to tail tip. He has a black band under his chin and then a band of turquoise and pale yellow for his belly... there have been times that he is just outside my bedroom window when I open the verticals! Quite a sight.

Moving on....I bet some of you do this: you are in a check out line and pick up a magazine only to find that you already have it or after buying it without thumbing through it, you discover you really do not want it. Well------- here is what I did in the last few weeks....

Just look! Here are not one, but 3 that I do not wish to keep. So......... if you are interested in having one, leave me a comment for which one you like... you can list all three, then I will send out you choice with a little something added. Who knows, you may be the only one commenting and get all three. I will draw on Saturday night, June 9th.

I spent part of my morning with the Geek guy... somehow I lost several pictures that I took yesterday.... he could not find them so they are somewhere within my computer..... that is all. Thank you for stopping by today and sharing your time with me.... thank you for the kind thoughts you send my way and email....have a great day.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

And the winner is and a finish

What a warm morning! It can only meant a hot day.... which means some stitching time. I was asked to show the outside of my Needle Case...
The chicken likes it!
I did find a catch for the box and finished my Roses Box...
Mr H painted the box white for me.
This is probably my favorite trim ... I painted the inside and lined it with felt... no compartments... and for now it will be. I love having boxes that I can use when stitching or to store in.  I started to flood my work area with Origami Butterflies.... need to add antennae.

Yes, Silverlotus is the winner and I will be sending her the info to redeem her prize. Mr H kindly picked the name from the tea cup.
Now, tomorrow I will post my be sure to return, it just may be something you will like.  I think I need a breakfast... wonder if I can persuade Mr H into cooking for me.... well, I do not think that is about to happen. Baby Girl-- AKA Ms Zoe--- is asking to eat and she does come first! Oh well, I am sure I can whip up the meantime, thank you for taking the time to visit and I do hope you have a wonderful day.