Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sometimes the post brings other things....

Busy day yesterday. What did I do... now that I think of it, it really was not busy at all. Still waiting for Ms Zoe's test results.... she was exhausted from the prodding and a nap was in order. Actually she naps most of the day!

I did some stitching on HAED up to 27 colors and I am beginning to see the tip of and Iris petal. The new colors are in the lower right corner... the light blue shades. I also sorted a few new pieces to start and one that I will kit and put with my suitcase for my August vacation. You think it is too early to plan? Not so, once done then I can check it off my packing list and it will not be last minute to organize a kit.

Yesterday the doorbell rang and FedEx left a package.
On Sunday we had gone to Macy's and Mr H decided to buy me a pretty wine glass. I normally use a very inexpensive one... one of those sets of 4 kind... anyway, we bought 2 for a set. He does not drink at all so they are mine...all mine!
They are so elegant. Hard to see, but there is a fine silver trim along the rim. They are Lenox and a little pricey. The saleslady did remark "and they are on sale" ! still a bit much but the wine will sure look nice and taste good.
Don't forget I will be drawing the magazine giveaway on Saturday night.... if interested please leave a comment. I am so glad you took some time to visit...thank you for the kind words and emails....I really enjoy hearing from you. Have a wonderful day.


Lee said...

I admire your patience and stitching of the iris and watch the progress with much interest.
Love the wine glasses nice to be spoilt.

Silverlotus said...

You are making great progress on the HAED. Good for you!

The wine glass are fabulous. I don't drink, but I can still appreciate beauty.

Vickie said...

What a fine gift!

Janet P said...

I'm with you about having something nice to drink out of,those wine glasses look something special. I prefer a bone china cup to drink my tea out of, it makes it taste so much nicer, so when ever I visit friends whilst they have a mug I have my cup and saucer!! Fingers crossed for Ms Zoe.

Kaisievic said...

Ooooh, your wine glasses do look special. Lovely.