Friday, August 2, 2013

Such dedication!

What a day yesterday..... I was so tired and the thought of work did not help. As usual I got myself ready and then off to work. Mr H always walks me into the garage to send me off. He did look a bit curious. But I just waved and drove off. Arrived at work and got myself settled..... headset, apron and such, clocked in and reported to the cut counter (fabric department) and did not see my name on the daily schedule.... what! So, back to the office and checked the master schedule. I wrote down the wrong day! I was off Thursday but on Friday! Turned in the headset, clocked out and back home. 13 minutes I was at work... I was content to think I could rest and if necessary cat nap.  Well now, didn't I have to hear Mr H...." I thought you were suppose to be off" I did not know why you were going to work when you said you were on Friday and Saturday". Then he announced to no one in particular as we two were the only ones in the house...." My wife, so dedicated to her job, she even goes to work when she is off the schedule". Now I tell you, he was heading for trouble if he kept that up!. Well, I did relax, no nap but I did stitch some on The Witch......
I really must stitch in her eyes... she looks scary this way. Yes, I know... it really is not much farther than when I was with Sweet Jeanne.
The Debra called and we plan to meet on Sunday afternoon for some tat and chat time. I will be learning split rings next... mind you, I still can not manage to get the right count of rings on the ring for the beginning of the project! Poor Debra, she has to figure what I am doing wrong. The technique is correct (I think) but it is not correct. I am sure she will get me on the right path.  In the meantime, I will work on The Witch and off to work today and tomorrow. This time I am suppose to go.....Thanks for visiting with me, thanks for the kind words, and do have a good day. Hopefully you will all be where it is you should be today!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh so tired....

I am so tired this morning. I feel as if I never went to sleep last night... and yes, I did wake very early, only getting a couple of hours sleep, and I did doze off again for about an hour. Probably got 4 hours of broken sleep. Now, this is not so unusual for me, but I think this very cloudy day has something to do with it. But, all I know is, if I did not have work today, I would put my head on a pillow! Besides work until 5:15, I then have our monthly HOA meeting... not going to be my best day of the week.
Yesterday morning was a lovely time. The phone rang and Sweet Jeanne called to invite me over to stitch. We spent 2 hours chatting and stitching. I had a question about the design she is working is from Milady's Needle and is Margaret W. Brown by Gloria Moore. Sweet Jeanne is making wonderful progress. I started one of The Witch Dolls.... already with some thoughts of making a few changes. Now Jeanne is starting to encourage me to do this or that!
Shortly after being back home, Mr H looked out the kitchen window into the backyard and called for me to quickly come and look... with the camera...
We usually spot this fella out front but I am sure this is not his first romp around the backyard. We just have not seen him. Sorry I could not get a better close-up of him...but if you can scroll to zoom in, you would see the most viscous claws on a lizard. It is hard to judge, but he looks to be almost a foot from nose to tail. I could not believe the nails on his hind feet! He just sat and stared at us.... I am not sure of the name. It could be The Desert Spiny Lizard ...not important as I do not plan to become friends with it. He can catch all the insects he wants. I will be more mindful from now on when I plan to venture into the backyard. Well, that is what I leave you with for today! I am going to curl up on the sofa and relax... actually do have time to rest as I don't leave for work until 11:30.... Aren't you glad you stopped by to meet my lizard? Have a good day!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two to go

Well now, I have my shopping list for Jo Ann's when I go to work today....some fat quarters, some trim and I know there was something else I needed wanted, but as I did not write it down when I thought of it, it is lost in my brain space. You do know about brain space, don't you? It is that place, do not want to label it my senior moment in time space, but the place where thoughts go until they find their way out. If they find their way out.
I was busy tatting
and finished this motif... only 2 to make for the goal of 12 for my tree! One is the motif I seem to be having trouble with, and I have not picked out the other one yet. I am really pleased with myself....and owe it all to Debra. We have not been able to get together recently... hope soon.
 I pulled out 3 projects, 2 cross stitched, one embroidered, to complete. I try to never let it get ahead of me.... but I missed the memo to myself to get it completed! Had a lovely email from a visitor, Donna, who enjoyed visiting my blog and offered me some handkerchiefs.... I have not heard back yet. One of my hankie goals is to make a coverlet for my daybed, or maybe my full sized bed....depends.... anyway, it was nice of her to write to me. I am working 3 days this week... puts a stitch cramp in...legit excuses why I am not working on my Un-Completes. Yes, it is a new word in my craft-world.
Another hot week here in The Valley of the Sun...hope you are all staying comfortable in your neighborhood. Thank you for the kind words and emails.....hope you have a wonderful day.
NOTE: did you know that Parsley is hosting an exchange for Halloween....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Calgon take me away.....

Do you ever feel like that Calgon commercial? Of course you do.... I guess we all have those moments. Oh don't get me wrong, I am not feeling sorry for myself, or need that extra hug, although I would never refuse one!. Today I am thinking about a few things that I have no control over... or at least can not control. Distance itself is sometimes an issue. I will get over it. I am having a problem --- again---- with one of my tatting motifs. It will have to wait until Debra can advise me. I have started another for my tree. It does not seem difficult. Remember that I said I have started as meaning just now, a few minutes ago. So time will tell.  But I did finish the stitching for my Thimble Purse
I really enjoyed this one. It  is one thread over two of 40 count some linen from the linen box. I did use all the listed threads. I thought I would find a piece of fabric in the stash... but no. So Tuesday I will pick something up...I am thinking a tiny floral print. The colors are so nice. It was a quick stitch for one that was one over two that is. Maybe I will make the others in the collection.
No plans for today... just to relax. I really should be sitting at the sewing machine... but I think I will tat instead. I can't believe it is almost August. My goal for August is to try to work on completing projects. I don't mean on ones for stitching the design, I mean the projects that need final completing. I have a few that are destined to become pillows...and a few that need something else. Of course it doe not mean I will not start something... and I must also take out a few of the projects I have started and ignored. Guess I will be in the closet Monday morning! The sun is hot and bright but our temps are cooler! if you can call 98 cooler. You have been kind with your comments and email...thank you.Happy you stopped by today... hope you have a wonderful day.