Thursday, March 10, 2016

Peacock and Snails in my garden

With all the wildlife we have, we do not have real snails, but we do have a Snail Vine
and after a winter's rest is beginning to send blooms.....and my favorite color too. They are so unique....It did get a bit of cold damage but after a trim it seems to be anxious to pop out all over. Hopefully it will once again cover the arbor. As for the peacock...
side A is complete and I have started on side B. The colors are off from the original design due to using DMC instead of Weeks threads but I do like how it looks. I just did not want to purchase the 10 different thread colors. This could be called a Mystery Project as I do not know what the next 3 parts are. Speaking of surprise stitching, I am waiting for April of the Snow Flower Diaries SAL to be released today. Fabric at the ready! I am also using DMC instead of Gentle Arts threads; and it is nice that many of the colors are carried into the next design adding a couple of new ones each time. Are you ready for the time change? Of course we in Arizona do not change the clocks forward or back, but my family and friends back in New England do....we will be 3 hours earlier here starting this weekend. Since I am always on my own time clock is good that I do not have to "Spring forward/Fall back" don't you think! I have already done 2 laundries and checked on the House Finch nest and fed the Hummingbirds...time to return to stitching and another cup of coffee. Great having you stop by. Thank you for your friendship and kind words....enjoy your day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Coyote encounter...again

If you follow me on Facebook you may have read my quick post yesterday about the coyote. This was not my first time meeting up with a coyote nor will it be my last. As I was just approaching home after a short early morning walk (7:30am ish), a young coyote began to cross the street right in front of me. He looked at me and hesitated so I stopped to give him plenty of space. Older coyotes usually just mosey on but this fella was waiting for a moment. I do not trust the young ones. Soon he decided to continue to walk ahead of me so I continued home. I still feel the same excitement when I am close to them but I also remind myself they are wild. As I turned into our courtyard....
this lovely sight greeted me. It is Bougainvillea....and blooms all year. Isn't is beautiful....makes a lovely presentation to all who walk into our courtyard. The birds hide inside and sometimes they fly out as you walk past and scare the heck out of you. I just had to share. I managed to get lots of stitch time yesterday and will be able to start the second side of my pin keep tomorrow. I may even get to cut out my sewing know, the one I am not telling you about yet. The House finch couple is currently chattering loudly in the backyard. Still setting up house.
Do you see the blur pot on the right on the top of the shelf...that is their abode. Remember I did say it was in our pathway. The door leads into the garage from our yard. Since they are not living there yet, I am not sure if they will like the activity that will be around them all the time. Time will tell. Speaking of time, I do not hear the washing machine so it must be time to get the laundry and of course have another cup of coffee. My stitching is awaiting me so as soon as I get this taken care of I will return to my comfy chair. I have enjoyed our visit. Thank you for your friendship and kind words which bring joy to my soul. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Something new in my tool box

I love using any tool that will make my crafting easier and more accurate. When I saw this I had to have it
The Stitch Starter Ruler comes with a lovely Pocket Sleeve to keep it in, both are well made. It is from Blue Ribbon Designs and you can find it here and read about it here. The delivery was so quick. I spent yesterday with needle in hand and watching Poirot videos with Mr H...very relaxing. No plans for today...hopefully more stitching. My pin keep is coming along. Soon to start on the second side design. I also decided to put a little into the EGA project.... not enough done to show you yet. The House Finch nest building  is continuing. I tucked some orts into the bark of the palm for her to find.
As much as we like to help with nature real estate, Mr H is not too pleased that the plant may suffer. Hopefully it has enough stored water to make it through this ordeal. We continually persuade the Quails not to build a home in the yard on a daily basis. The other day I brought home
lovely red tulips.....and set them in a pretty cobalt blue and white vase which is sitting on...
this lovely hand embroidered table topper. No, I can not take credit for it, but I have had it since the early 90's. It was given to me by a sweet elderly lady. The seem to go together. I have several very old table linens and try to use them often...saving them is not an option. I want to enjoy them not tuck them away. I am hearing my stomach requesting food, so off I must go and also the laundry needs the dryer....glad we chatted. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a marvelous day.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

New neighbors

Mr H and I had a quiet day yesterday...relaxing but I have been busy.
This is a new start from the current EGA magazine, first of four parts, this is a pin keep. I am using DMC which I converted from the Weeks threads. This is side one and I hope to get to side 2 this week.
I also have at the ready to cut and sew
I have all I need to make this for someone special. No, I will not tell you more about will have to wait and see once it is mailed and opened in a month or so.  You will just have to return and see.
Recently there has been lots of chatter and flying about the back yard....finally we have the reason.

See all the "fluff" at the back of the cactus pot....if you see a nest you are correct. Mr H took the pot down to water the cactus and there it the building stages. Once he saw the nest the pot was quickly put back on the shelf. Most of the material is twigs and stuff pulled from the bark of our Palm
She pulls all the stringy material from the bark of the tree and laces it into the nest for a lining. Now, I do hope they get used to the fact that they will be moving into a home in a pathway of the yard and the pots beneath their abode get watered everyday.
The House Finch can lay 4-5 eggs and can do so twice a year....So we will be on nest watch and will keep you posted. Right now they are busy in the yard in and out of the nest, but I see mostly the she doing all the work and he sits and chatters. We are having a very cloudy morning, but I do not mind. Not sure if we are doing anything out of the house today...(maybe going to an art fair) but I do know that right now I need a cup of coffee and on to stitching. So nice to visit with you. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.