Sunday, March 6, 2016

New neighbors

Mr H and I had a quiet day yesterday...relaxing but I have been busy.
This is a new start from the current EGA magazine, first of four parts, this is a pin keep. I am using DMC which I converted from the Weeks threads. This is side one and I hope to get to side 2 this week.
I also have at the ready to cut and sew
I have all I need to make this for someone special. No, I will not tell you more about will have to wait and see once it is mailed and opened in a month or so.  You will just have to return and see.
Recently there has been lots of chatter and flying about the back yard....finally we have the reason.

See all the "fluff" at the back of the cactus pot....if you see a nest you are correct. Mr H took the pot down to water the cactus and there it the building stages. Once he saw the nest the pot was quickly put back on the shelf. Most of the material is twigs and stuff pulled from the bark of our Palm
She pulls all the stringy material from the bark of the tree and laces it into the nest for a lining. Now, I do hope they get used to the fact that they will be moving into a home in a pathway of the yard and the pots beneath their abode get watered everyday.
The House Finch can lay 4-5 eggs and can do so twice a year....So we will be on nest watch and will keep you posted. Right now they are busy in the yard in and out of the nest, but I see mostly the she doing all the work and he sits and chatters. We are having a very cloudy morning, but I do not mind. Not sure if we are doing anything out of the house today...(maybe going to an art fair) but I do know that right now I need a cup of coffee and on to stitching. So nice to visit with you. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.


cucki said...

Love your new start
Happy day smiles x

Dotty's Daughter said...

What a lovely little present in that they chose your yard to make their nestxxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely new start and new neighbours too! Do you think she would appreciate your ORTS for nest building?

Vickie said...

Yes! Jo has the right idea I think. I give the birds my orts every year. What a place for a nest!!

Tiffstitch said...

Great new start and so cool about the nest!

Janice said...

How I love love've got a up close view of that sweet little nest. That's so cool. I have the same birdhouse that my dad hung in our front tree many years ago and last windstorm it fell and thankfully Kenny fixed it and put it back in the tree. I also bought an unfinished one at a huge fair I went to a few months back and just recently painted it and will get that out by next weekend....just in time perhaps for some babies to nest in if they so choose.

sana said...

Wonderful stitch and what a cool nest!!

KimM said...

Lovely start, Grace. I love to hear birds sing. Can hardly wait for it to be warm enough to open our windows to hear their songs.