Thursday, March 10, 2016

Peacock and Snails in my garden

With all the wildlife we have, we do not have real snails, but we do have a Snail Vine
and after a winter's rest is beginning to send blooms.....and my favorite color too. They are so unique....It did get a bit of cold damage but after a trim it seems to be anxious to pop out all over. Hopefully it will once again cover the arbor. As for the peacock...
side A is complete and I have started on side B. The colors are off from the original design due to using DMC instead of Weeks threads but I do like how it looks. I just did not want to purchase the 10 different thread colors. This could be called a Mystery Project as I do not know what the next 3 parts are. Speaking of surprise stitching, I am waiting for April of the Snow Flower Diaries SAL to be released today. Fabric at the ready! I am also using DMC instead of Gentle Arts threads; and it is nice that many of the colors are carried into the next design adding a couple of new ones each time. Are you ready for the time change? Of course we in Arizona do not change the clocks forward or back, but my family and friends back in New England do....we will be 3 hours earlier here starting this weekend. Since I am always on my own time clock is good that I do not have to "Spring forward/Fall back" don't you think! I have already done 2 laundries and checked on the House Finch nest and fed the Hummingbirds...time to return to stitching and another cup of coffee. Great having you stop by. Thank you for your friendship and kind words....enjoy your day.


diamondc said...

Gracie: Wow the flowers are amazing, I have never seen this type of vine before, Beautiful and the color oh my it is lovely.
I am in love with your Peacock, it is lovely on we have a doctor who has property that butts up next to the golf course and he has peacocks, sometimes they get away from him and of course we try to corral them in our neighborhood, they are so light to pick up they look big and heavy but maybe only weigh about 10 pounds.
I hope you post a new picture of the nest soon, I love birds, with 15 bird feeders I better like birds.


Vickie said...

Your snail vine is so lovely! Divine! I tried to grow one, it never happened for me up here.
What a great peacock. Is this a SAL you are in?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The peacock looks great. They are such lovely birds and stitching motifs.
I just checked and we don't Spring Forward until Easter Sunday. Good. I don't like the early morning starts! It takes me about a week to adjust to the new time zone.

Tiffstitch said...

Congrats on finishing the first part and lovely flowers!

KimM said...

Lovely flower...and peacock. I'm not quite ready for the time change....just need to be at the ready so I'm not late for mass on Sunday ;0)

Julie said...

Lovely blooms. your peacock is beautiful.
I've just commented on a finish of the April SAL on Mylene's blog!