Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Officially count down for Christmas

Today is the last day of November so it is my official start to the Christmas festivities. This is the first year that I started to pull out the decorations before December 1st. It all started with my wanting to change The Village location and my need for the piece of wood. Once that was ready it seemed as good a time as any to bring out The Village. After that, well it just happened. I think there is not much left of our tour....

The Village stands about 14 inches high and has it's own lights. I always gave it center stage until the gazeebo arrived then it became the backdrop for that. Certainly makes it feel like a real town square. Even in the daytime it looks special. So far it has been lite up for about 20 years. I would have it re-wired when the lights fail.  I thought showing The Village all lite would be nice, but someone suggested that I also show it in daylight. So,
here it is .
I do not want to bore you with The Village, but I also took pictures of individual areas so that I can compare next year for set-up. It spans 36 inches across and 18 deep with the little 2 inch rise in the back. Who knows, next year maybe Mr H will make me a small board to raise the Garden Shop up a notch!

Here is a day picture of the items on the mantle.
Each day more of the decorations start to appear. Later today I may even get the tree in the kitchen set up. I enjoy taking my time getting it all out of the boxes and each item has it's own story for me. The violin for example. There was a great store in our area  (back in Rhode Island)  and they were closing and selling everything at fantastic prices. I sked the manager if he would sell me this violin from their display and I got it for $5.00. I replaced the ribbon and voila. That about covers decorations least for now.  My special stitchery is coming along and one of my ideas just may work out. We are still in a winter temp but I am still not into wearing socks yet! I Time to get organized for the day....hope your day is great. Thank you for your friendship and kind words my dear friends.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Change in plans

First I should admit that I wrote down the wrong appointment time for Mr H and the doctors office called looking for us. Luckily the office is 5 minutes away so off we went. I got myself settled in the comfy rocking recliner to stitch and then out came Mr H from the treatment injection on this day, he will wait about a week or so. So home we came. today in the next tour of The Village ...
This is Mr H's place, the Garden Shop. I love the greenhouse....there are plants and such inside. It always is on the right hand side of the set-up. This year with the 2 inch rise in the back, it has a nice look. I wanted to add a few small bushes to the front....still time to do so. In the center of the village is the gazeebo....
I took this with the flash so you could see Santa nd the photographer better. On the right is what I call the Mayor giving directions! It is my story so I can tell it my way, yes? When we were still in RI I had a huge set up.....a boat house with "water" and fisherman, a large church and a few other buildings. Knowing we were going to be in an apartment complex (limited storage), and not knowing we would later buy a home, I did not take those as well as many other things. A couple of years ago we did add the Sweet Shoppe
Of course I have close to my knit shop for that quick snack! The sign on the left says fudge....but my potato fudge is much better. that is the baker in the open front of the Shoppe. Although the buildings are always in the same spot, the surrounding trees and people move a little. I also add some rocks that appear to be boulders here and there. I took them from our property back in RI to have a bit of that home with me. I enjoy having my village. We are still in a cool temp and guess this is really winter now. I am still barefoot in the house and my pants are "cargo" type, cropped below the knee but not to the ankle! That will not happen until January. Well my friends, I really need to get back to my special project if it is to get to RI before Christmas. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Monday, November 28, 2016

I won't be barefoot today!

Oh my goodness.....winter  seems to be here in The Valley of the Sun! It is down right nippy out there.The temp is only 42 and will maybe get to 60 today...and it is cloudy. We had a good rain last night and may have more today. I probably should find my sweater to wear out today. We have to go out later as Mr H has an appointment for injections in his back this afternoon. This definitely is a pot of tea and stitching day comfy in my chair and I can not believe I am saying this, I may wear socks! Oh dear......speaking of stitching, I am beginning a special gift for someone for her daughter....can no say more as I am not sure if they read my blog. Yesterday I set up the mantel for Christmas...not sure if it will remain as it is, but for now...
I probably should take a day time picture but here it is.
The lovely Cardinal is in the cage on a branch that Mr H went outside to cut for me. I set it in a wreath with lights and also have lights under the lace cloth for added reflection. The right corner has a Princess House glass cheese dish that is filled with very small ornaments and snow and the violin is a gold finish with sheet music attached. The ceramic figures of Joseph, Mary and Jesus are to hold a candle in the back but as I rarely light real candles, I put an extra "house" light inside and it lights up so very nice.  I think I am happy with it. On to the village: we are down to just a few more pictures.....
This is the Knit place!

There is a mail box and a postman to the right of the store.
Inside, there is a sewing machine and some fabric and yarn. I  envision that I live above the Shoppe making it easy to get to work everyday in the snow! Oh I do have an imagination....   It just seems so cozy and inviting. I always set it up on the left side of the scene...and have the lady leaving on the steps. She is my best customer; she shops here every year!
Hope you are enjoying the tour of my village....thank you for your friendship and kind words.....another shop tomorrow. Have a good day.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The turtle box

Not too long ago, I posted about a project that I could not show....well it arrived so I can show you. But first, about the young lady who received it. Her name is Tonya and she is my niece. She is the one person who is responsible for my meeting and falling instantly in love with my Mr H, Dennis! That would be another story..... anyway, Tonya saw my bee box and mentioned she would love me to make her something and she loves turtles...

using some felt and the DMC sew able cork, I made this guy. He is sitting on gravel and inside
is a little clay turtle whistle and a note about the meaning of turtles in Indian folklore. There is also a turtle charm. Now, in a surprise move, this holiday weekend, Tonya got married! She and Tony have been dating for some time.
This picture was taken a time ago, but she never ages! Tonya is and always will be a special person in my life....I will take pictures from her baby time and growing up time and look at them with loving memories. Recalling the time with love in my heart. I hope she will always think of me in that way. This is how she announced her surprise to all...
Look at the happiness that beams from her....I am proud of the lady she is and feel so happy that she is happy in love. I wish I could just grab her and squeeze her.
This post today was going to be about the maybe I will get to it.
I keep finagling with it....there is "snow " and glitter constantly on the rug. You know it will never be just right. Since we are on the subject of love, and not to sound is a piece that I call The Graz and Denny
Sitting on a park bench in a snuggle! My favorite piece in the village.  Last year I added the street corner lamp post...
It is just at the far right of the village. There is a horse draw wagon to the right of it with a tree in the back and children playing in the snow in front of it. I have just a couple more to share but it will have to be next post. So happy to have you visit and hear about my Tonya! *****she will always be my Tonya ***** Thank you for your friendship and kind words...Have a wonderful day.