Monday, November 28, 2016

I won't be barefoot today!

Oh my goodness.....winter  seems to be here in The Valley of the Sun! It is down right nippy out there.The temp is only 42 and will maybe get to 60 today...and it is cloudy. We had a good rain last night and may have more today. I probably should find my sweater to wear out today. We have to go out later as Mr H has an appointment for injections in his back this afternoon. This definitely is a pot of tea and stitching day comfy in my chair and I can not believe I am saying this, I may wear socks! Oh dear......speaking of stitching, I am beginning a special gift for someone for her daughter....can no say more as I am not sure if they read my blog. Yesterday I set up the mantel for Christmas...not sure if it will remain as it is, but for now...
I probably should take a day time picture but here it is.
The lovely Cardinal is in the cage on a branch that Mr H went outside to cut for me. I set it in a wreath with lights and also have lights under the lace cloth for added reflection. The right corner has a Princess House glass cheese dish that is filled with very small ornaments and snow and the violin is a gold finish with sheet music attached. The ceramic figures of Joseph, Mary and Jesus are to hold a candle in the back but as I rarely light real candles, I put an extra "house" light inside and it lights up so very nice.  I think I am happy with it. On to the village: we are down to just a few more pictures.....
This is the Knit place!

There is a mail box and a postman to the right of the store.
Inside, there is a sewing machine and some fabric and yarn. I  envision that I live above the Shoppe making it easy to get to work everyday in the snow! Oh I do have an imagination....   It just seems so cozy and inviting. I always set it up on the left side of the scene...and have the lady leaving on the steps. She is my best customer; she shops here every year!
Hope you are enjoying the tour of my village....thank you for your friendship and kind words.....another shop tomorrow. Have a good day.


Shelly said...

Love your mantel decorations, Gracie. The birdcage is very pretty. Yup, it's a sock wearing day for sure! We have snow on the mountains around us but none on the ground. I would rather stay home today but I have to work! Have a nice cool day.

butterfly said...

So beautiful , you have some lovely Christmas displays.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Only one pair of socks so far? I'm on one pair and fluffy slippers. As we progress through winter it becomes two pairs, fluffy slippers and a pair of tights underneath my trousers too!
Love the little Knit Shop in your village, there's so much detail in there. Very sweet.

Bea said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your decorations, especially the village. Such fantastic detail in your shop.

diamondc said...

Gracie: This is a lovely Christmas setting on your Mantle, all your decorations are beautiful.
Good luck to Mr. H with the injections.
Brr it was almost 50 today here in Minnesota.

Merry Christmas

diamondc said...

Gracie: I have been trying to email you and keep getting a mail delivery fail, is your email