Saturday, January 1, 2011

First day of the New Year

Well, got my 4 hours of sleep. If I were to make resolutions, I think one would be to get more sleep! This sleep pattern has always been for me, so why I would think I could change it now is beyond me. Anyway, since I am already up, I might as well start my first of the 15 day projects. Of course the post with pictures is on my other blog.....stop by and follow me there for this challenge. I will be still posting here for ..well, for something. Have a great start to the new year.

Friday, December 31, 2010

An end and a beginning

The end of 2010. There were some days I would like to file away not to be opened again, but I will take them as a learning experience. There were some very wonderful days tucked in there. Time spent with my best friend, my husband Dennis. Zoe coming through serious surgery strong and healthy. Spending time with my friends here in Arizona and staying connected with my friends and family in Rhode Island. Then there is this new part of blog. I have so enjoyed meeting and having some personal contact with many of you, my new friends.

The beginning of 2011. The start of a new year always brings wonder. There are new adventures to find. Promises to ourselves that may or may not be kept. We have the opportunity to accomplish new goals. Maybe we have a few fences to mend or make stronger. Whatever comes my way, I am ready. There are some things that will be the same for me. Taking time to appreciate Dennis. Making time for myself each day to read and stitch. Visiting with all of you daily.

From our home to yours
We wish you a wonderful happy, healthy and fun
New Year.

Oh and the Crazy 2011 Challenge...are you ready?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Heard Museum

What a nice day...usually is...when we visit The Heard Museum. Yesterday we attended Aztec Stories with Michel Heralda ....
Michael telling a story

his wife Sandy playing gourd drums 

and also chatted with weaver Melissa Cody from the Navajo Nation.

When at the Heard, I always enjoy lunch at The Cafe' and my favorite is The Dreamcatcher salad. They ran out of shrimp so I had it with chicken.
I never tire of visiting the museum and enjoy the many programs they offer.

Zoe went to the Vet this morning for a pedicure and Rabies vaccination. Somewhere she lost one pound, now only 28 pounds! Now we are waiting for the rain...or so they say we are to get rain. This is Arizona after all...I plan on stitching and having a cup pot of tea at the ready.
Well, guess I better get the tea and my needle in glad you stopped by. Hope your day is peaceful......

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3rd day of the week

                        For Today

Outside my window
      The sun is shining but there are some clouds scattered about

I am thinking
      this year seems to have past so quickly
I am thankful for
      my family and friends

From the kitchen
      think I will have some scrambled eggs and toast

I am wearing
      yellow pj's

Around the house
      as usual, it is very quiet.....just me moving about

I am hearing
      the sound of the jets flying back to Luke Air Force Base

On my mind
      I want to finish my Winter Exchange before the Challenge starts

Plans for the day
      would like to go to the Museum today for Holidays at the Heard...and of course lunch

From my camera's eye
magnificent sunset last night

I am wishing
       a relaxing day for you and me

So nice of you to visit with me today.....stop back real soon.....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

And the drawing....

So nice to read that everyone I visited had a great day yesterday. We had a quiet day...spoke with my family back in Rhode Island and our son in NW our day was complete. Dennis cooked a wonderful roast with the fixings. I did the clean up....the least that I could do. Dennis and I do not exchange gifts as we are always getting things, but he did manage to get me something special. I love Fossil...hubby found this....see the spool of thread and the needle?
It is a sewing kit! How perfect is this........
Oh...I am suppose to tell you who I am sending the magazine to. Well, there was the shoebox and hubby pulled out the name of, Ellen, please send me your snail mail so I can get it in the mail on Monday.
While he was available for this task, he pulled the names for the Breast Cancer kits.....they are....Silverlotus, Cindij and Carol.....please send me your snail mail so they too can get into the mail on Monday...or as soon as.
So glad you stopped by to visit....have a wonderful Sunday.......