Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another WIP finished

When last we chatted I had picked up a project started but put away. I have no idea why I did tuck it away, but in moving things around the craft closet there it was.

Have you done Looker Hooking? It is similar to doing latch hook. I really had only a few more rows to hook...
Now just to make it into a pillow.....
I have enough of the fabric used to make a backing..... just have to decide on which one.

Remember my Secret Santa Tracey? This is the wall hanging that was in my wonderful gift box... well, hanging.
I have it over the door to the craft closet.  The pockets are handy for not only pictures but reminders.....such as the Quiltie Exchange with Sandra Kaye.

Oh and my secret pen pal.... I received a card from Vicky revealing herself and her blog to me. Nice to meet a new friend.  

I am still trying to learn my computer... trying to do a few tasks I was able to do before it moved in with me. Love the new printer.... just have to get the computer to explain programs and how to use them to me......
Glad to chat with you today. I will be off to work but I hope your enjoy yoour day.

Note: guess I missed the spelling error....should be Locker Hooking! Sorry if I confused anyone.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

An the Travelling Pattern is off to----

It was 8 pm last night that I realized it was not Tuesday, that it was Wednesday! Now today is Thursday---right?

My Geek Agent Chris and I accomplished a lot yesterday. We also discovered that my 3 year old printer was not working because the print head was bad. For the $$ to replace it he suggested a new printer. Mr H left the room~~~~! Soooooo---- later in the day off to Best Buy went went and came  home with a new printer. Now I started all over with uninstall the old....install the new....default....test print.... it works! Mr H is still shaking his head. I now have a completely new computer set up---except for the monitor. Luckily, there is nothing wrong with it. That should put Mr H wallet away.

What's with Blogger today? or is it just me. Yesterday I was able to reply to comments right from the comment I have to go to the dashboard and then comments to reply!! If anyone knows a solution please let me know. And, while I was there, I found 3 who always comment in the spam file! It's a conspiracy!

Oh that's right... you want to know about the TP....from the paper bag came the be sure to follow the pattern there and watch for when it is ready for the next journey. I am sure Michelle will get it back on it's way without much delay. It really is a nice piece to stitch.

The sun has finally decided to come out and stay. Remember the other day when I said a chance of rain? Well, there was only warm sunshine. We will always be in drought conditions! I am very happy to have shared my time with you..... have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mermaid ready for the pond

Waiting for Chris from the Geek Squad. He will be here for an hour tutorial with The Computer. Still unable to get the printer to work...and can't figure out a few things, so this is the best way to avoid the Sprite headache. Computers no longer come with a manual...oh, you can go on line to read  but having it in hand to play with is another moment in time.

Her backside....
 a dragonfly... well my attempt at one
a pedicure is always a good thing. I really enjoyed this new adventure. Not sure what I will bead next .... have a few on the to try list.

We are having a cloudy start to the day with chance..... chance is just what it implies .... of rain.  I do hope the day goes well for glad you stopped in to visit. All critics welcome....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Mermaid and Indian Pots

Still trying to get all things back to normal in the computer. Finding what needs to be reloaded... etc... etc.
Finally caught up reading blogs from Saturday to now. Well, when you are up and awake from 3am, you do have time.

The Indian Pots is finished
The pattern has a stitched background that Mr H and I decided we did not want. I will have a mat cut to fit right to the circle of stitches.
Of course I had to add my own personal touch....the turquoise beads and a bit of fluff at the end of the feather.

And here is Mermaid...
She is only 5 inches.

Only the front is beaded at this time. And there are no face details. I am enjoying this new project. i am still thinking of the back design. My inspiration is from visiting with Whytfeather aka Stacie. She does some fantastic stitching!

The strawberry saga continues. Mr H decided the culprits would not eat the berries if the plant was in a pot. Well, that did not work! You guessed it--- the berry that was getting pink is gone! Now Mr H decided to put a fence and netting around the pot... we shall see who out wits who. I am betting on the birds.

Remember the PT hatch incident? I have had a head pain over my right eyebrow ever since.... here is a conversation with Mr H:
me--I think when the hatch hit my head I could have had a concussion
me--I think I could have had a concussion
he--how would you know! You don't seem any different to me.
Ah---- he is such a joy.

On a FYI----Heather is having a give away be sure to check it out.

I think it is time for another drink of wine cup of coffee and definitely a piece of See's chocolate. It was very nice having you visit today.  I will be off to work... I know it is Tuesday, but sometimes I am on the schedule for it. No complaints. I will be off until Saturday. Just love these PT hours!
Enjoy your day where ever it takes you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I was lost but here I am again!

Late Friday, my computer went down. The computer Sprites must have heard Mr H say we would be getting a new one this Spring. Guess they became impatient, cause out to Best Buy we went on Friday night! that is when everything went to  the frustration file. The Geek Squad said they would download all my info from the old for the new. Did you think it meant they would then upload it into the new one? they kept the new and the old and then informed me on Sunday that I would just insert the 3 discs and it would be that simple! Well let me tell you~~~~~~I spent from 2pm until 6:30 when it finally was up and running. Finally was on line with tech support and he "took" over the mouse and helped me get it going.
Now, hear me.... I do not plan on another new one for some time, but I will have the Squad come to set it up...worth paying someone to keep those Sprites at bay!
Did I mention they did not retrieve my email addresses????? So, I had some written  down, but so many are out there in la la land. I guess I will nab them when someone sends to me.

In the meantime I would like to share something with you. I have had these 2 pieces of mail over 20 years now....

I have tried to block the names...but they are recorded messages from a soldier to a loved one. Look at the post mark~~~~  August of 1943 and the postage was only 3 cents!!!! I would love to know what is on both of them---- wouldn't you?

I started a small beaded tomorrow..... and my mom loved the beaded ornament I sent her. 
About the Travelling Pattern, I will continue to leave it open until this weekend then pick a you still have time to let me know.

I need a gallon of coffee....still have to download a few things but I am frazzled right now.... later, much later. I am so glad I had this chance to vent with you...thank you. Hope your day is wonderful.