Friday, March 3, 2017

I hate having work done so early!

You are thinking, what's the problem, you are up so early anyway. There is a difference being awake and up at 2-3-or 4 am sitting in pjs and savoring my first cup of coffee, and relaxing trying to really wake up, and waiting for an electrician to be here at 7 am to work on the fuse/electrical box. I am getting good at handling these things I might pat my own back. In years past Mr H would have tended to fixing this but, times they are different now. Now we get someone to do the work and of course have to pay a trip fee and an hourly rate. So, here I wait for Jason to arrive. I did not post for a week and now 2 days in a row...actually I want to share something with you. Many of us know Jo, well she started a new blog call Blogger of the Week. Check it out and maybe you will join in the new fun project. I had a small asthma attack last night, the first in awhile. For me it is a severe coughing fit. Normally Mr H gets very nervous which does not help me as I cough and loose my breath. This time he was quite calm and that did help me. Nothing worse like feeling like you can not breathe. As a result last night, I am not feeling that great today. Although it was over as quickly as it started, it leaves me very drawn and a little off kilter. There are those who know me and would say "a little"...anyway, today will be a rest and probable a nap later this afternoon if my head does not clear. The weather is suppose to be beautiful so it will most likely be a nap on the lanai.....sounds wonderful. That is about it my friends as it is getting close to 7am and I want to be ready for the electrician. Stop by and visit with Jo and get he details for the new blog. Thank you for visiting with me and listening to my rattling on this day. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

What happened ?

I looked up and it is Thursday! My last post was last Friday, what happened? the weekend was quiet. I know we had an appointment on Monday for Mr H and then had to go right to the lab for blood work, Tuesday I went to the afternoon tatting group and here it is Thursday and I hope to go to the Thursday needlework group this morning. I have not spent anytime with poor Alice! I have been tatting from the new book....
This broach  is not complete because I am not sure of how I want to finish it. I think I will make different flowers for it (they are temporarily on it) and it is not backed properly yet. It is shown as just with the clear glass...

in the book. I did not have the size 40 thread so I tatted in size 30 so it is a little loose. Once it is glued into the pin frame it would be okay. I have ordered the right size thread and while I was at it, a book for tatted flowers of course. I did some tatting on a Lucky Penny while waiting for Mr H at the lab and gave impromptu tatting demonstrations to 3 different ladies! Thursday morning group is when I work on Affirmation Words project....almost finished stitching Kind. It is a good project to work on so interruptions do not hinder the stitching. Still figuring how I want to proceed with the banner hanger. I may have figured it out....more later if I do. The rainy days seemed to have passed and Mr H and I enjoyed sitting on the lanai yesterday. We are into Spring here in Arizona and it is lovely. The baby doves must have hatched (we have not tried to peek into the nest) because the parents are sitting higher and fussing about all the time. One of these mornings they will just fly away. Plants are all doing well...tomatoes are just getting that yellow tone and the herbs are doing well. Just finished my first cup of coffee and had a trail mix bar. I keep a tote bag at the ready for Thursday group so that I am not last minute gathering supplies. I must get a laundry done so off I go. Glad you stopped by today. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship.