Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last day

Okay...who stopped by coughing? I am back on the cough syrup...lucky I am working today and then off until Thursday so I will get rest and hopefully the coughing will subside. The temp here in the West Valley of Arizona just might be at 74 today...and the sun will shine warm and bright...sorry for those in the snow areas...

It is Saturday, the last day of the week...but, it is also the last day of our Crazy Challenge starts. Let's go over to my other place and see the progress on Friday and today's start....I'll grab my cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream and meet you there.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh I need this day off! Yesterday was very busy at the JoAnn Fabric counter...very. My last customer had 27 bolts of flannel, took most of each...and it took about an hour to help her....what helped was that she was very pleasant to work with. All this was for quilts!
But that is not why I need this is because I am starting a project that I have wanted to do and held it off for this challenge. I love dragonflies and this has them as the theme.

I noticed today that I have 64 followers here and 31 at my challenge blog! If I ever reach 100 here, I will have to celebrate...yes, with a giveaway....what else. It has been great reading all your wonderful comments and I am always open for suggestions. So I do hope you will return often.

Now follow me to my other place and you will see today's start and yesterday's progress.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Friend is~~~~

Did you ever look up the definition of friend?
friend (frend)
a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
acquaintance, companion,comrade

When I left Rhode Island, I left not only family behind, but some wonderful friends. My friend Joan....we worked together for almost 20 years...had morning break and lunch together everyday. Lucille...she called me her side-kick.We worked together the last 5 years I was in RI....sat side by side in our office. Needless to say, I missed them. Yes, there were snail mails, emails and phone calls, but not the in person contact that I relied on. We shared thoughts and laughter and tears...and food. These last 4 years I became friends with Linda..I call her Ziz because there are just so many Linda's in my life. We live in the same community, a courtyard away and we go to 2 needlecraft groups together.  We get along very nicely. She has become a friend. When I needed a thread for one of my challenge projects she never hesitated to go a little out of her way to get it for me yesterday...what she did do was also pick me up a gift...a new project... for no reason except she thought of me. So of course...I will add it in to the challenge, make an adjustment to my plans, just because Ziz gave it to me.
So, follow me over to my other place ...come along.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ho Hum

Well, that is that.....nothing much to say today. Did not get much stitching done yesterday..and there is no real reason....just one of those days.My dear friend Ziz read that I am missing a thread from yesterday's kit and she has graciously offered to stop in The Attic as she drives to Mesa frequently. I am lucky to have such a helpful friend.
I can not believe how fast this month is passing. Maybe because of the 15 day starts...but we are almost to the middle of the month! I must say I have enjoyed starting each day with a new project, however, I will be glad when I can get back to them to just stitch. I have started today's stitching so come and join me at the other place to see which one i am working on today. It may even be a finish today! So pick up that tea cup and meet me at my other place..............

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Christmas ...again

Last week, Cat sent me an email...While taking down her Christmas decorations and the tree, she discovered she had a package for me that she forgot to arrived yesterday. Thank you Cat.  As you can see, it is great...a Santa statue, a stocking with candy, a cube ornament and a beautiful stitched one as well, lotion and a jar of Russian Tea...can't wait to try it..the aroma is wonderful. I also love the postcard!

The light is just breaking the sky this time of day...there is a warm shade of pink in the sky, but no sun...hope it shines today. Started today's pick and sadly put away yesterday' you over my other place for the pictures....

Tooz day

The day following Monday

Outside my window
Dark and quiet, the birds are still asleep

I am thinking
Which project will I choose next for Day 11

From the kitchen
The aroma of fresh hot coffee

I am enjoying
My quiet time in the early hours of the day

Around the house
The sound of silence

On My Mind
What is on the list to do today

From my Camera's eye

Zoe loves to nap with her chin on the table shelf

I am wishing
That you have a wonderful day

Monday, January 10, 2011

Can we start over....

This has been one of those mornings that I wish could start over. It started with Zoe wanting needing to rush outside...this was an interruption at my attempt to get the earliest start for today's project. The time was 3 am or so. Back to my preparations for the project. An hour later she comes rushing back into the room wanting needing to rush out again! Okay, back to my stitching....I would like you to meet a friend~~~~
This is my frog Fred...he helped me take out many stitches that were not in the right spot..partly in thanks to Zoe's personal needs! Finally I thought everything was ok when I saw my count was off Fred and I are taking a break from one anther so he can rest....I am heading over to my other place...come along with me to see today's pick and my progress for day 9.......

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What a lovely Sunday morning

Bet you are wondering why the later posts...I do not know! I am still up at 3 or so...just lazy I guess. The sun is lighting up my back yard...the poor cold plants will appreciate the warmth it will give them shortly. Many plants are covered to protect them. Not very attractive, but Dennis is determined to keep them warm.Today is another football, it usually means lots of stitching going on. So let's jump over to my other place and see what I have planned.....bring you tea and I'll meet you there....