Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday is still missing....but it is Saturday

Well, Blogger said some posts were deleted and they were attempting to fix the issue. Apparently not. I had posted a gift I received so I will re post ....

lovely origami cranes from Ingrid. She had posted that she would give some away so of course I posted for them and was one of a few selected. Each is of a different paper and expertly folded. Look the lovely cards and tiny crocheted hearts she also sent. Hopefully this post will not disappear.
Yesterday the delightful weather was 101 here in the West Valley....a bit too early for this. Maybe we will be lucky and it will return to the 80's.....okay the 90's. I am hoping that Mr H gets to clean up my planter so I can take it inside this weekend. oh, come fly away with me and Angel Grace. Yes, she is finished. Join me over at my other place and see.
It was lovely to have you visit. Thank you for the comments and emails and I do hope your weekend is grand.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally~~~~well it is Friday the 13th

Well, like everyone else..or not...Blogger was down this morning. And I was going to post early for a change! Glad it is back. I wanted to get this up before going into work today.
First...I got my Spring Exchange yesterday. I was surprised by the fact it was Gaby who I had mailed to. Look at what she sent....
All the way from Germany. What a beautiful pin keep.

Lovely finishing. I had sent a pin keep also and a handmade stamped card....

I dyed the linen with Rit Dye a nice shade of green and added a "G" charm for both our initials. It was wrapped in strawberry print fabric...she loves anything strawberry. Late yesterday afternoon, Dear friend Ziz called to ask if I wanted to join her and Dear Fern . They were going to a garden sale at a place called "The Yard Sale" nearby. So off we went and look what I found...
I have been looking for an old plant stand to put in front of my kitchen windows for my African Violets...I do not plan to do anything to this except clean it with a wire brush and wash it. Okay, so Mr H will do it.
Still have not located my taxes...someplace between Arizona and the IRS in CA.
I stitched on Grace yesterday.Join me at my other place to see her. Thanks for visiting me and I will stop by your place later after work. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a week.......and it's only Wednesday!

Monday was Zoe's eye appointment.....the fur baby has her own Opthamologist. It was her yearly exam. Her eyesight is about the same. Medication daily to continue to prevent stall it from getting worse. Some of Tuesday was spent trying to track down my income tax filing. The IRS does not have it, the Post Office does not know where it is and I have mailed twice now! So much for Certified Mail.
But look....These are Yellow Pear Heirloom Tomatoes in our garden.
My Spring Exchange to Gaby in Germany arrived...
It is a needle book. The linen was dyed using Rit Dye and the card was made by me. I used the strawberry fabric as gift wrap...Gaby loves strawberry print.
This afternnon will be more stitching and I think I will enjoy a Wild Hibiscus cocktail outside. our weather has been deightful. Tonight is my weekly card stitch group and I will be learning a new technique. I did get stitching done in the last couple of me at my other place to see. I am so pleased you stopped by today. Have a great day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning~~~~~~

What a lovely start to the week......the temp is 65, there is a gentle breeze and the chimes are singing and the birds talking. Actually they are asking why their food is not out yet. Several are babies and they are hungry by the looks of their flapping wings.
I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday. My sis Lyn called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day......she always does. Then My son and "daughter" called to say the same. Andrea's pregnancy is going well. We still have to wait a few more weeks to know what we are waiting for. Boy or girl, I do not care, well, maybe a girl would be nice. Just have to wait.
I worked on the back side of Glad Tidings yesterday.
This will go quickly if I worked on it more. I also worked on my challenge piece Grace. Meet me over at my other place and give me your opinion. I made a change.
As always, I am happy to have you visit and love the comments and emails. Enjoy your day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Special wishes

To all of the wonderful moms in blog land....have a wonderful day. Sending hugs to you all.