Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday is still missing....but it is Saturday

Well, Blogger said some posts were deleted and they were attempting to fix the issue. Apparently not. I had posted a gift I received so I will re post ....

lovely origami cranes from Ingrid. She had posted that she would give some away so of course I posted for them and was one of a few selected. Each is of a different paper and expertly folded. Look the lovely cards and tiny crocheted hearts she also sent. Hopefully this post will not disappear.
Yesterday the delightful weather was 101 here in the West Valley....a bit too early for this. Maybe we will be lucky and it will return to the 80's.....okay the 90's. I am hoping that Mr H gets to clean up my planter so I can take it inside this weekend. oh, come fly away with me and Angel Grace. Yes, she is finished. Join me over at my other place and see.
It was lovely to have you visit. Thank you for the comments and emails and I do hope your weekend is grand.

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Chrizette said...

Oh the origami are beautiful!