Monday, December 5, 2011

Glad it is Monday

What you say...glad it is Monday? Yes!! I was called out on Saturday........ so........ I thought (should not think sometimes) why not get the Christmas decorations sorted. Well one thing led to another and I spent the day not sorting but putting....would you like to see?
The Living Room Tree

The Bedroom Tree

My Ziz Tree in the kitchen

"The Little Village"
Oops.......a broken ornament

A package arrived Saturday!

It is from Heather..... we exchanged we decided to exchange an ornament....but there are 2 packages?!
I love the pretty
And this
I love the Just Nan projects...look at the beautiful pink linen.
Thank you so much Heather.....the ornie is already on the big tree.
Look who is sitting by the fireplace waiting for Santa...
The Grinch his self! with Santa's hat. I guess he does not know that Santa is on the other end of the fireplace
Oh and did I mention that I took a bead class on Sunday morning? Well, I wanted to learn to do the Peyote Stitch..
had to go with the bead selection they gave me...but I like it. And because of this class, I was able to accomplish this

I love it! It is from the current book Cross Stitch & Bead Weaving. It is half of a pair for earrings....hope to get it finished later today.
I think that covers it all...... thanks for spending time with me this morning. Tomorrow is surgery day for Mr H..... so I will say thank you for all the caring thoughts......have a nice day.


Mouse said...

ooo you have been busy with the trees ... we have put ours up today ... love the little earing and good luck with Mr H 's surgery tomorrow :)its out wedding anniversary tomorrow 23 years eeekkk :) love mouse xxx

Cardygirl said...

The trees look lovely...I was distracted by me decorating on Sunday too.

lynda said...

I love all your trees! My prayers will be with your and Mr H tomorrow...I hope his surgery is successful and that he has a good recovery.

Sandra Kaye said...

Is'nt it great to get presents in the mail! Your trees look great. Hugs

geeky Heather said...

So happy you like the ornament! Very, very pretty trees you have. Will send up prayers for you both.

Patty C. said...

Oh Gracie - Your Christmas decorations are beautiful & And what lovely gifts - Congrats - You definitely deserve them !!!!


Heather said...

Beautiful trees and ornaments. I love the beaded santa.

Melanie said...

WOW! Look at all the great trees!!!

SoCal Debbie said...

I put my tree up but haven't decorated it yet. How nice that you have several trees all over the house! Your Santa earrings are adorable!

Sally said...

I hope Mr H's surgery went well yesterday.

Love all your trees. So pretty. I told my DH that I needed another one next year solely for my stitched ornaments!