Thursday, July 26, 2012

There are needles---and then there are needles

Now, I prefer to use size 28 when stitching. The needles yesterday were in the hands of Dr. Paul P, pain management. Yes, my right side has been in pain. Part of the problem is the position that I stand when cutting fabric at Jo Ann's. I try to change it, but old habits are hard to break. 12 injections...some of them quite painful. I came home and just rested. No stitching with size 28's for me. But I had added another 100 on Iris...
I thought I would also post the picture of what it should look like... just as a reminder as we know this is going to be a long project. I really don't mind that it is. This may sound weird, but I do enjoy working on it. I am getting behind my schedule to stitch Yellow Bird. Today will be devoted to that...well, I did plan another bracelet. I love Swarovski crystals! They have their headquarters in Rhode Island. Today's will be shades of lavender.
How about an update on Ms Zoe? Well, it appears she is nibbling on her injured toe. So today she is wearing her Puma sock. Well, I am trying to keep it on her.
I told the vet she might touch it... he did not think she could reach it... due to her chubbiness. Right. It looked so good.She is s very stubborn pug and I know this sock will be on/off all day.
Speaking of the day....I hope you have a fun day. Welcome to new friends.... thank you to all of you for always making my day with your kind words and emails. I will try to make up visits for missing yesterday.


cucki said...

I hope you feel better soon..
Pretty stitching xxx

Vickie said...

Oh dear! I hope the sock stays on poor Zoe. Are you undergoing prolotherapy?

Sally said...


Just found your blog.

You have some lovely stitching and your bracelets are so pretty.

Your Iris project is beautiful!
I hope your back feels better and that Ms Zoe's injured toe will heal soon.

geeky Heather said...

Iris is looking fabulous...I love playing "match the picture" to see how much you have done. =)

Hope your pain gets better. =(

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

12 injections! Ouch! I am sorry to hear you've been in pain - health is everything isn't it? I love working on HAEDS - your Iris is coming along nicely - Hope your back gets better!