Monday, December 2, 2013

Ho Ho Ho... Hokey

Is it because I am getting old older more mature? I am once again this year finding myself in these very early morning hours watching Hallmark station movies. I even have already watched one from last year. They are so sweet, loving and so.....romantic at times. I have never enjoyed the violent type...still love the movies from "ago". I love watching British mysteries and all the Charlie Chan motives. A young lady told me that it is because I am getting older. Well, I can not change that. I found myself stopping my activity of cleaning up from last night to watch this mornings offering. Yesterday before I left for the Tatting meeting at the library...that is a story to tell... Mr H and I moved the table from the front window to the bedroom and the rocking chair into the living room so the living room tree could be set up. Following me so far? It literally took all of 5 minutes. Then it was off to the library to meet up with The Debra and Mary and Helen. Helen is Mary's sister...she is #11-- ( I think) and Mary is #12 in a very large family. She is visiting from she joined us for a tatting lesson. I am so surprised that we did not get evicted from the library! Can you see the headlines...."Four Senior ladies evicted for too much laughter". And did we ever laugh. It was such a fun 2 hours....Our plans are to meet the first Sunday each month. Sadly, Helen will be leaving for home on the 15th but I have her email and will keep in touch with her. I must remember to get a picture of her with Mary. A delightful lady.
When I returned home, Mr H made dinner and then it was time to decorate the tree....of course it is never finished as we all know. I will add, Mr H will move ornaments, and it will continue until it returns to the garage on January 1st. Eventually I will be able to show you a picture. Thank you for the kind words on my Tatting Tree and the picture of Dennis and me. Today I will get the bedroom tree up. I would love to be doing it best work is in these early morning hours, but Mr H is still asleep and I am positive it would not be appreciated to have lights on and lots of noise. I will once the sun rises, I will get a start on the outdoor lights. Then of course Mr H will move half of what I do.
I started this post an hour ago...yup, an hour ago. Blogger seems to be having issues, Photobucket seems to be having issues,  I think my internet is having issues.... or it could be that it is Cyber Monday and like last year, everyone is jamming the air I am going to have a cup of coffee and will post my pictures tomorrow. Until then, glad you had some time to visit with me and I do hope you have a good day.


Shirlee said...

Lol! Oh Gracie ... you are almost making me consider moving to Arizona just so I can be a part of your tatting group : ) Can you believe that not so long ago you were wishing that you could learn to tat with a shuttle, & now you not only have achieved that goal but have helped organize this group to share your love of tatting with others! Have a great week my friend!

Vickie said...

I am noticing the internet being "jammed up" this morning.
Have a great day!

Parsley said...

Yes, my internet too. I guess everyone who wasn't crazy enough to shop in the stores are online. :)

Julie said...

I've had a lovely catch up read, you have been so busy. Love the little elves and your tree looks super. A very lovely angel native ornament too. Jeanne's stitching is superb, well done to her. Wonderful picture if you and Mr H.
Best wishes x

Annette-California said...

I have been hooked on the Hallmark channel too Gracie. I also have been recording the newer movies. As in matter in fact I have 2 still to watch. Just with the holidays here I have been sewing away from the TV. Anyways I think its remarkable that you now have a group of ladies to tat and chat with:)
hugs and love Annette