Saturday, March 18, 2017

Garden of flowers

It arrived! It is wonderful to order something and it arrives promptly...great service from The Tatting Corner....thank you Lisa. Of course without Carolyn's fine designs.....thank you Carolyn! I guess you know what I will be doing with my basket of threads this weekend. Both groups; Ice Drop Addicts and Tatters of Lace have given me much inspiration to do what I enjoy, tatting and making new friends. I mentioned yesterday that I was seeing the doctor for my knee. It was our pain management doctor...a wonderful young man who always finds the right painful spot to treat. In my case yesterday, there was no fluid to drain (grateful for that) but he did find that my meniscus is again an issue. We will treat with gel injections again to hopefully avoid surgery. In the meantime I will apply topical gel 4 times a day and use my leg brace as needed until we start the injections.
Tough getting old I tell ya.....we are like the walking wounded around here, Me and Dennis...Mr H. Now we trade off which task we cannot do to the other! Not easy to admit but true.  More so for my Dennis who is slowly coming around to these truths.  Even with these issues we are luckier than some who have more serious problems to deal with. I have a sweet friend who will be starting cancer treatments soon and I admire her outward strength. We do what we have to do to make it everyday. So, I guess the yard work will move a little slower now, but I did find cushions for my chairs under the gazebo so that is a plus. Will make for a softer sit!
The temps have been in the high 80s to 90 so being outdoors is limited, even in the shade for Mr H as the heat is affecting him somewhat this year.....going to be a long summer when it reaches the triple digits. Must get to Jo Ann's today...need supplies..... we always need something right? Today is clean the computer desk (never got to it yesterday). There are so many notes to me that I bet some are useless now. I have the "I'll get to it" syndrome lately. Time to get the newspaper and a cup of coffee and put up the feet the leg/knee. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by and most of all thank you for your friendship. Enjoy the day.


Kerryp77 said...

Your tatting is always so lovely so enjoy your goodies.

shirley flavell said...

I am lucky to have a lot of tatted doilies and runners that my mother made. They are beautiful. She tried to tech me, I don't know what it was but I could not grasp it. I have a bag full of threads she had and an old little book with a shuttle.Maybe I will go onto youtube one day and see if there is a good tuition.Your parcel looked divine and would put you into a happy place.Know what you mean re trade offs with tasks around the property, we are finding we are doing that as well.Also some jobs around the outside don't get done in a day now, it takes couple days, but that is ok.Have just been tidying all my lavender( I love it) around, frisked the dried stems etc and feel really contented. Have a great week Gracie. Always enjoy reading your blog:)

butterfly said...

Always nice to buy more stash.
I long for warm weather here , not far away I know but I wish it was every day.
Take care with your knee .

Julie said...

Your seating spot looks very inviting.