Monday, December 9, 2013

This past month Mr H updated our kitchen cabinets. The trim was wearing around the knobs, the knobs were ugly and here is what it looks like...

the top left is what it was and now what it looks like. A bit of sanding and a couple of coats of paint, and new knobs. The knobs are now silver finish and a little larger which makes gripping them easier. Much happier now. The color in the top right is more accurate. We added a new canister set and a pop of color. 
We finally worked on the outside Christmas lights. Will post pictures next time. But I did want to show you our living room tree...
I think I am finished fiddling with it, but then again there is always an adjustment here and there. The tree topper is a metal angel we bought probably 20 years ago. Of course my spider is there. Always need the Christmas spider.  The Santa ornament is a light bulb Mr H painted for me... ready?.... 20 years ago. He did a wonderful job on it. You can see a little of the outside lights...a reindeer.  I find it difficult to get good outside nighttime pictures but I will try. 
Today is our Sun Stitchers Christmas Luncheon.  Then I must do a few errands but I also need to get more ornaments finished. I am thinking that the other bead order should not arrive today or I will want to make another bracelet. Speaking of mail, my SSCS has not yet arrived at it's destination.... getting a bit concerned as I did get it onto
Santa's sleigh on time.  Must get these other packages to the Post Office today/tomorrow. Surprisingly, I had no Reindeer Food requests this year.  Well, dear friends, must have my coffee and get back to stitching on an ornament I started or should I work on the tatted one? 
I must end with a birthday wish for my mom...EvaP who is 87 today....
Thank you for your friendship and kind words and emails. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Vickie said...

Mr. H did a fabulous job!
Your home looks lovely.
Happy Birthday Eva P.!!

Carolyn Nye said...

Hello Gracie,

I love the new look of your cabinets. Your husband did a fantastic job!

Your Christmas Tree in the living room is beautiful. I love the angel and what a sweet Santa Ornament. What a great looking spider.

Have a wonderful Luncheon. I think the post office is running slower.

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Julie said...

Birthday wishes to you mum, I hope she enjoys a lovely day.
The tree looks spectacular, the little painted lightbulb is so sweet.
I've had a post office trip today and crossed another job of the 'must get done' list.