Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stormy skies and stitchng

This was what we saw for last evenings sunset..... storms again were predicted for our area, but they did not appear. Early in the day Mr H and I ran a couple of errands and I stopped to pick up floss... yes, that is what you read, floss. According to Mr H, my floss stash is gigantic, However, it seems lately that I am always missing one ore two colors when I begin a project. In this case, I wanted to get this one ready
It arrived yesterday from Elene in Italy. I admired it on her blog ( this post)and voila, I now have it. I will be stitching it with DMC and hence, the need to get the floss. When we were back home and I was getting ready to put the shells and charms away that I also picked up, I could not find the floss. I began to look here and there, then question what I did with them. Then I asked Mr H what he did with the 5 skeins and he replied " I did not see them". I asked how that could be if he put the shells and charms on the table, the floss was with them. He disappeared into the garage, rummaged a bit and then appeared with the floss. He never felt them in the bag and tossed the bag into the recycle! I have advised him not to help me unpack bags in the future. I am stitching on a small project when I feel the need to put down Hummingbird Garden....but I did plant more flowers on that...
there are lot of flowers in this garden! I added to the fence also. I usually work on this early in the morning then switch to something simpler...... I just finished this embroidery....
I think she is adorable. It is from Bird Brain Designs. This will be gifted to someone soon. I will be making another for myself to hang in the kitchen. If you have not visited the web site for them, you really should. I do enjoy embroidery, plain and simple. Brings me back to my young girl days. Does make me sound old! Well, my friends, I have enjoyed our visit and your kind words and friendship. I do hope you have a wonderful day.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous sky!
I amso pleased that I finally have the entire DMC collection. Of course I still discover I only have one length of the very colour I need from time to time!

I love your "Grotbags" witch, she's a character from UK TV.

cucki said...

Beautiful chart from will be a sweet stitch..
Your stitching is looking so cute..
Keep well..
Hugs x

KimM said...

Beautiful scenic pictures - love the new chart. Enjoy stitching. And, of course, glad you found your floss ;)

Julie said...

Beautiful sky picture.
Hummingbird is growing lovely and your little witch is adorable.
Super gift that arrived for you, I've been eating quite a few blueberries recently, cant seem to get enough of them!

Kathy Ellen said...

Beautiful but stormy skies were certainly here as well on the 4th of July.

Isn't it so true, that whenever you decide to stitch a piece, you always find that you are missing a few of the required flosses. Oh well....that is all part of our good excuses to go to the needlework shop to pick them up!

Hope that you enjoy stitching that sweet little basket full of posies. Hummingbird Garden is really beautiful.

Blessings in Stitches!

rosey175 said...

One can never, ever have enough floss! And what's a girl to do when they come out with new colors! :)

Love your witchy towel -- where did you find one with the green and yellow banding? I never thought they'd be difficult colors to find for a kitchen.

Kaisievic said...

I am working on collecting all of the DMC threads but as I have so many WIPs, I still never seem to have the colour I need close to hand!
Love your little embroidery finish and that Mr H - you have to watch him!

Heather S said...

Great stitching, and I am sure we have all misplaced something we just purchased! I once threw out $50 into the should have seen how quick I retrived it!