Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Tatted Christmas Wreath

A lovely day today....the temp is only 98 at the moment but expected to climb to 103 and with it the heavy humidity. I really miss sitting outside on my days home. Had a nice morning at the dentist office. Routine cleaning. Are you ready for a traveling pattern? I received this this week from The Easily Influenced Stitcher,  Shirlee  

 and I will get to it today and then hopefully post to pass it on again by the weekend. So......if you are interested please comment or email me . Look at the pretty needle threader she sent to me. I think I have just the right piece of linen... then again, once I open that container, I know I will ponder this and that. Then it will be "do I want to stitch colors as is...maybe I will change..." that is just me.
Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures from our stitch group class. I did not take it as I am not fond of Needlepoint. Wait until you see how pretty there all are.
Oh, the wreath. I did finish it and now have to starch it, but take a look

I really am happy that I added the last round. Still want to make it as I posted the other day, just the first round. I love how the beads in a  cluster of three look like berries. I know my goal was for 12 ornaments/motifs, but maybe a few more. Actually, I will continue to make them just because!
I added a few more stitches to my Halloween exchange piece... as well as to The Witch. How I wish for a few more hours in my day! I will get to the Post Office this week and mail out the magazines that I posted... time, just need more time in my day. I made the mistake of looking into the craft closet... I must wear blinders when I enter! I think I kitted up another to do!
Well, dear friends, Thank you for spending some time with me and for the kind words and emails. I send you all a hug today....speaking of hugs, one of our lovely friends could really use some tight hugs....Libbie (And This Little Pig)  is not having a good time right now. So if you have time, drop by and send her a hug or two.


Shirlee said...

I'm glad the traveling pattern arrived safely Gracie : ) Your wreath looks wonderful! I used to tat wreaths with beads ... I wonder if I still have the pattern? I'll have to go a-hunting : )

Annette-California said...

Darling chart. LOVE your tatted wreath Gracie. The added ring around it makes it look even more remarkably beautiful. Fantastic! Hope it gets cooler for you soon. love Annette

cucki said...

Enjoy stitching the sweet traveling pattern..
Your wreath is so sweet ❤❤
Huge hugs
Cucki x

Heather said...

Gorgeous wreath, something to add to the Christmas box.

Sally said...

Your tatted wreath is beautiful Gracie.

Looking forward to seeing your finished travelling pattern. I have already stitched it so please don't include me in the draw.

Julie said...

Gorgeous wreath, so pretty.
I have that pattern, please don't include me in your draw.
Hope all went well for hubby at the drs appt.

butterfly said...

Love your wreath so pretty, hugs.

Brigitte said...

Looks so beautiful, the tatted wreath.

sed451 said...

This is a lovely wreath, Grace, but where did you get the pattern? Or did you dream it up yourself, and, if so, have you shared it somewhere?