Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baker's dozen.....and the winner

It is a lovely Saturday morning... a nice cool start. Yesterday was very warm. Mr H and I took the car in to have the driver's door adjusted and then we spent my Saturday off relaxing. Mr H found another egg in yet another plant!

Quail sometimes drop these eggs and move on. This is not going to be a new nesting site! Quail can be very vicious with other baby quail so we will not allow 2 families in our yard. That being stated, When I saw Mrs Quail fly off  leave this morning, I checked on the nest and there are 13 eggs! Quail rarely fly as they prefer to scurry about. Amazingly they will leave the nest for most of the day sometimes.   In  21 days or so the eggs will hatch. Then the drama begins! Did you know that baby quail are fully feathered when born and follow the parents about when they are about  7 days? They are shown where and what to eat.
I finished cutting all the right threads for my Hardanger piece yesterday.... what a task. This is the most involved piece I have done. Next step is the woven bars and dove eyes. I will need to pay attention the the path of my stitching as the doves eyes are not in every space. I think I will map it out in tailor marking. I did not take a picture  but I do want to show you something....

Every so often I have sent EvaP (mom) a project to do. These are 2 of 4 dinner napkins that she sent to me. Now I do not plan to use them as such so what to do? I have this wall basket so I thought these 2 look very nice displayed this way. A nice way to think of mom during the day. It is stamped embroidery and her choice of colors.  She is coming along nicely. Brother has set up safety alert for her so it will be good to know that if something happens again, she will get immediate help. She is still having pain in her shoulder and is using a walker. I arranged with Brother to get her a nice walker with a seat and basket locally so I do not have to have it sent. Anything to make it easier and safer for her.
Off I hope to go today to a rose show with Mr H. We went a couple of years ago and enjoyed the magnificent display. When we were living in Rhode Island, Mr H had several very nice rose bushes. Here, he is having difficulty growing them. One of the homes nearby has   a row of them that look like they get minimal care and they are huge and flower all the time. Maybe a few pointers today from the experts. I am very happy that you decided to spend some time with me today. Whatever your plans, have a wonderful day.
The winner of the bunny pattern is...............Lee! 


Patty C. said...

Wonderful to follow eggs! - 13- momma's been busy! I love your wall display! Hugs

cucki said...

Aww sweet to follow eggs..
Congrats to lee x

Heather said...

Thanks for the Quail update, I'm loving it and can't wait to see the babies. Hope you get pictures!

Lee said...

Just love reading the latest update on Mrs Quail
Thrilled to be your winner and to have another bunny to stitch. thank you

butterfly said...

I love roses too, hope you had a great day out.
Yes this is amazing about Mrs Quail I enjoyed the read and will look forward to reading more.
Congrats to Lee, hugs.

Annette-California said...

What a wonderful way to display your moms embroidery pieces Grace. Beautiful. have a fun time at the rose show. love Annette

Annette-California said...

Congrats to Lee! Hugs. love Annette
ps I wrote too fast last message:)

Julie said...

Very pretty embroidery pieces, well done mum.