Sunday, April 7, 2013

Roses on display

We do not go to the annual rose show every year, but when we do it is o lovely to see and smell the roses
This is just a few of them and I will share more during the week. It is not a very big garden where these are displayed but lovely nonetheless. There are also roses for judging which is what I will show you during the week posts. The weather was perfect to stroll through the park and there was also a wedding being held there.
Today we have no set plans. We go with the whim of of the moment! Tomorrow we have some work being done on our lanai. These condos were built in the early 70's and our lanai carpet of artifical grass is original. It is time for it to go so we are having it striped and finished this week. I think it will be a 2 day job. It is a wonderful outdoor room, open on one side to the yard. I will be sure to take pictures. I have been adding the Woven Bars and adding
Dove's eyes to my Hardanger..... you can look but promise to ignore the wrinkles.
It is useless to keep pressing it and is probably not a good ides to press over the unwrapped bars. Did you notice the broken scissors? I am upset that these, my favorite ones that are only used with Hardanger projects snapped! The tiny screw broke off! The were not inexpensive.  Lucky for me that I have another pair of scissors that are tiny and sharp. What to do with these now.... not sure if they can be repaired. If you look closely you will see my tailor tacking that keeps me mindful of the dove eye placement. It was time consuming but so worth the effort.
As you can see, I still have a way to go with this, but I am enjoying the handwork. I find it relaxing and satisfying. If Mr H has no plans for the day I will probably get lots of wraps in.
Quail Update----- no new eggs! The "other" quail lady has not tried to lay any other eggs in the other plant. Guess Mr H did a good job of netting that plant. Either that or she is one of the new moms who just leave them here and there.
I am having rumbles in my stomach so I guess it is breakfast time. The Sunday newspaper is here and a cup of coffee and out to the lanai sounds good. I hope you enjoyed your visit with me....hope you have a wonderful day.
*****today I am missing my Sherlock*****


Shirlee said...

A benefit of being retired ... not needing to make plans, just going with the whim of the moment. That's how we do it here pretty much : ) Those roses look beautiful & so does your hardanger. I'm sorry about your favorite scissors. Hopefully they can be replaced. So excited about the quail eggs! Have a great day!

butterfly said...

Beautiful Roses, did they smell lovely.
Your stitching is looking fab. hugs.

cucki said...

Such sweet roses xxx

Annette-California said...

Beautiful photos of the roses. Awe your scissors - great excuse to shop for some new ones:) Your hardanger piece just keeps looking more lovely Grace. love Annette

Ellen said...

The roses are gorgeous! They are one of my favorite flowers, I love sunflowers too!

Your hardanger project is just beautiful! I love hardanger too!


Deb said...

Beautiful Hardanger project, and the Roses must have been lovely to see, thanks for the photo post, and I'm so sorry your scissors broke. Have a wonderful week