Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sometimes you gotta accept the disappointments too.

I just finished another tatted motif...

 It really looks pretty with the pastel beads and pink/white threads. I have not blocked any of these from the book that I have done yet. I think I may make a tatting tree to keep all these motifs that are not Christmas snowflakes. Mr H has trimmed the Honeysuckle tree and he is saving me a branch that may work. Just have to figure how and where.
On my last post, I showed you what I sent to some one in the BBD Exchange group. Well, I am sure it arrived but it seems this person is not interested in responding to that. A few emails with the moderator of t[our group confirms she is a not contact/responder. In other words... well, never-the-mind. For the most part, I have always received my exchange piece and only a few times they have been a little less than neat. However, it is the thought that I look at. I will continue, for now to continue with exchange groups and will look to do private exchanges. I read a quote today on Facebook.... it said
So today I will have those good thoughts and I will spread sunbeams ...the look lovely part, well....anyway, that is it for today.


Kathy Ellen said...

How sad that the person to whom you sent your beautifully stitched gift, is not an appreciative person, in not thanking you. It is often difficult to understand why someone does not have the grace to know how much it will mean, to receive a little note of thanks. One must be taught such graces as a young child, and for some, those precious lessons are missed.

Perhaps you have touched her heart, Gracie, and you may have to leave it with that thought. There are so many others though, who will always love and appreciate your loving ways, and perhaps that will help to mend the little note of disappointment that you are feeling now.

With Blessings For You.

Vickie said...

I am sorry for the disappointment Gracie. You have a great attitude. =)

Heather said...

Yes, unfortunately there are the one sided swaps, but for the majority of swaps it works out fine.
I do love that pink and white motif and can't wait to see them on the tree.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Another reason, I personally decided to do no exchange boards any longer. Personal exchanges are the way to go and mutually satisfying to each person :)
Your work is always gorgeously done and your attitude is an example to follow :)

Cardygirl said...

Sad when people don't respond...but I love your quote!

cucki said...

It's so sad :(
And this is my fav quote
Big hugs x

meggie said...

What a shame that you haven't received a thanks for your beautiful piece. Maybe if she reads this blog post it might prompt her into letting you know that it has arrived?
Your tatting is beautiful.
A great quote too.

butterfly said...

oh gracie , you have the right state of mind , giving is always good , no matter what, your work is always so beautiful . You can't always please some, never mind next ! The laws of the universe will come good for you just wait and see, hugs.