Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tisket a tasket and Charlie

...........a little woven basket
I worked with The Witch yesterday. My unexpected day off gave me more time to work on her. I did the basket the way the pattern designed, but did not want to have every other stitch an x, so I wove the thread through the open line of X's then that did not seem enough so I then long stitched down and voila! I have a woven look to the basket. More to my liking now. The fact that the WDW Mocha thread now looks more like what I was hoping for. All in all I m pleased. I also tatted a butterfly but it seems to have flown off somewhere... must find it .... it is small so it could be almost anywhere. Sometimes things get lost and I have not left my seat! only to show up later.
The mail brought a package on Thursday
Mr H and I love the old movies.... I was happy to add this to our collection. There are 4 movies with interesting tidbits about the character and restoration of these 1934/1935 movies. Egypt, London, Paris and Shanghai are the settings for these.
Our resident lizard is ever present in the back yard.....I did some reading. This appears to be a female because it lacks the bight color on belly and throat. They bite! when captured so you know I will not threaten it. They feed on insects; spiders and ants and beetles and hibernate during the colder months. She is welcome to stay around. I shall be more careful about leaving the lanai slider open when I go out  from now on. Not really wanting it to hibernate in the house. I hope you enjoyed this tidbit of info on the lizard... yet to be named. There is a male that comes around that I call Godzilla... I have a picture of him outside my bedroom window on the wall. I shall find it and then you can see him in his colors. Must remember to let Mr H know that this one is female. If they mate.... there would be a clutch of 2-12 eggs that hatch and appear between May and July...thank goodness that has passed! Now, see what you learned today?! Glad you had some time to visit.... hope you are. Have a wonderful day.


Vickie said...

Oy! Mating lizards. No thanks.
Oh my goodness Charlie Chan!!

Annette-California said...

Such a sweet basket - love how you stitched it. It does look woven:) Your tatted butterfly was too excited to have some fun after you created her:) Enjoy your movies and don't forget the popcorn:)
love Annette
notice how I skipped right over the lizard.....not a mistake - lol

Julie said...

Ewww mating lizards and lotsof babes...... No thank you.
On the other hand, your basket looks beautiful with the changes you gave it.

cucki said...

aww sweet basket..i love it.
big hugs x

ginnyt said...

I kind of like the lizard; hope there are babies!!!

Angela P said...

The basket looks lovely. I love to hear about your backyard Lizards.....we have Squirrels ;) LOL. Not as exotic sounding.