Sunday, January 1, 2012

First post of the new year!

Finally getting to post today. Mr H was on with the NE Patriots game. I usually try to get on early but I was involved. In what you ask? Well putting the last of the Christmas stuff away. I found that the Garage Elves visited me this year because everything that came out went back much better and some room to spare! And you know how it is, you start to do one thing and that leads to another and before I knew it time got away. I hate that! I need all the time I can find.
 I started my first new project for the new year. It is a travelling pattern and a delight to stitch. It will be ready to travel soon....
Last night we took a ride to Glendale for the Glendale Glitters. A million  lights adorning all the  trees at Murphy Park....

just before sunset

I love this tree

one of 4 horse drawn carriages for rides

so pretty
and last----
There is a give away over at Sarah's... be sure to check it out.
Must share with you~~~ My sis Lynowl has been giving me a mag subscription for the past few years....
I received the card saying she sent it again! This is the local magazine for Rhode Island. I love it--- keeps me informed of all the special happenings. Once again as I did post earlier, she gave me a gift certificate for Nordic Needle....what to buy?????
Then this came in the mail---- from
I love Leon Russell! Mr H ordered it for me. A very nice surprise. It is a younger Leon on the front cover.

Well, it is a beautiful day---temp around 78 and I did get to sit out for awhile earlier. Then Mr H made dinner. Chicken Parmesan and Angel Hair pasta..... yum!

I am so glad you had some time to visit with me. Enjoy the day.
Tomorrow I will introduce you to the Frog Family.


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

What a nice post. Beautiful photos and gifts. I hope the elves have visited my attic as the decorations are half down and boxed waiting to go up.

Silverlotus said...

I love the pictures of the lights on the trees. It seems a little funny to me, up here in cold Canada, to see a palm tree decorated for the holidays. :D

Happy New Year, Gracie!

Patty C. said...

Glad you enjoyed some stitching.
How nice of Mr. H to cook dinner. !!!
Happy New Year