Monday, January 3, 2011

All gone

Yesterday was the The Day....the day Christmas disappeared from the house. Usually, I am very neat about taking down and packing away, but not this time. I seemed to be in a mess the entire time. Maybe it's because I usually do this in the very early hours of the morn when hubby and dog are still asleep. Why did I wait this year until they were up and about? Not that they got in the way...but somehow it messed me up. Well, finally it is all down, packed and put into the garage for storage. I am very thankful for the cupboards in the garage! However, this did put a chink in my stitching (other blog). Then there was football. Now some of you may not follow the game, but I do. I am a die hard NE Patriot AZ Cardinals for me. My sports heart is still in New England! Even though we clinched the playoff and home field advantage, who wins or looses is important right up to the playoffs. Then there was the movie we you see, somehow, I spent a bit of time out of my sewing chair.
I have picked out today's start and the laundry is washing....and it is oh so quiet. With all of this said, time to get the needle in hand............check out my Crazies blog for the update...maybe a cup of tea will help.


CalamityJr said...

Hope the tea helped, but your reasons for not stitching were important ones! You were one busy lady!

Cardygirl said...

Christmas disappeared here yesterday too...and I had mess too! Always sad to see it go but it makes me give everything a good clean!