Sunday, February 24, 2013

Need a relaxing day...

To say that yesterday was not the best work day is an understatement.... let's just say that the customer is not always right and .... never the I am going to move on and make the next 2 days off relaxing and enjoyable. This is going to be a Me Day. So there!
I awoke at midnight to hearing the chimes ringing. Normally that is a nice thing, but when they are banging because the winds are very wild... not a good thing. Thought I would doze back to sleep but of course not to be so up and out of bed and  I continued to stitch a few more roses..... a couple of cups of coffee, now the laundry and it is 6:30 AM and I am very much awake.
 I must say an enormous thank you to Lelia for all her support and encouragement with my Tatting. I drool over her Tatted pieces!  She has advised me of a few places to check out and sent links. Today I plan to practice a bit more. I do not have the hours that I would love to have to do all that I plan to do.... you know what I am talking about... because you all can say the same! As long as my work basket has a few things happening so that I can just pick up and do, I am a happy person. 
Thank you for your caring words about my thumb. It is healing nicely. Still very tender and sore but on the mend. I am keeping it uncovered when at home to dry it and find I can stitch easier without it being wrapped.
 I just glanced down at my calendar.  Where has February gone? Okay, I know it is a short month...but this seems really abbreviated!  Think I will get back to my stitching and a nice glass of iced tea.... welcome to new friends. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... you certainly make my day.


Anthea said...

Hi Gracie, I have just popped in for a catch-up of your blog posts, what a week you've had!
I hope your thumb is continuing to improve, it sounds like a painful thing.
The tatting is very beautiful, what a great talent to have. I like your version of gardening, looks dangerously like stitching to me!

Angela P said...

I'm glad to hear your thumb is healing quickly and not getting in the way of your crafts :)

I think we all deserve one day where we get to tell the customer whatever we want! LOL. Let's call it Truth day :) I think we have all had those customers.

Enjoy your days off :)

cucki said...

glad your thumb is healing now..and you can stitch freely..
big hugs x

Silverlotus said...

Retail work is _hard_. I honestly think everyone should have to do it for at least six month. It would change the world.

I'm glad you are on the mend. Enjoy your Me Day.

Minnie said...

I was once told that "the customers are not always right, but they are always the customer" I took that to mean that even if they are not right make them think they are and they will go away happy.

Cindy said...

Hope you have had a relaxing day. After the week you have has you deserve a Me Day. The winds are wild here as well. Take care. Cindy

Nicola said...

So nice to have a ME day, it is good to hear that your thumb is healing, we use our thumbs so much.

Julie said...

I hope you are having some lovely times during your 2 days off work.