Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A special day~~~Happy Birthday Elyssa

Today is my niece Elyssa's 18th birthday....
isn't she lovely. Prior to our moving to AZ, and while she was growing up, we spent lots of time with this young lady. She had a room at our house and many wonderful times shared. She graduates soon and it is hard to believe she is so grown up. She is my brother Alan's daughter.
Mr H bought a new bird bath ----
A pretty painted on glass butterfly....and for now it is here....
Mr H made a spot for it but knowing him it will be moved to another location at any time. Here it is in the shade of the Sweet Memory bush.
Part 2 of Dragonfly is finished...come with me to my other place. Thank you for chatting with me today and I hope your day is wonderful.

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