Thursday, October 4, 2012

One for, one for~~~~

I just can't believe this week is almost gone. Yesterday Mr H and I ran errands for 4 hours! I can tell you that we accomplished a lot, and enjoyed lunch at Paradise Bakery Cafe but were so tired when we finally got home. I did buy 2 Christmas gifts that will be soon wrapped and ready for shipping for December. I also finished another beaded project....

The "tennis" style bracelet is a gift and will be mailed in a week, but the green Deborah Roberti , Tila Squared bracelet is for me. I saw the pattern on her blog and ordered it and it was not too complicated to make. It took longer to decide on color combinations than to really make it. I would like to make another--- I better start deciding on colors now!
The morning started out to be quite comfortable, but the warmth is slowly making the air conditioner  necessary.Just when is Fall going to happen around here? Don't forget, My Lady is still looking for a name so be sure to leave me a comment or send an email with your idea. I will be deciding on Sunday and then getting a gift ready for the person who names her. I have received great suggestions...
Tomorrow I will tell you about a package the post left for me. Until then, have a wonderful day.


cucki said...

wow so beautiful..
love and hugs xxx

Trace4J said...

Just beautiful.
I thought of the name Esther.
The other day when I read your post but not sure anyone but me would like..hehe
Love the old names.
Have a great day

Vickie said...

What a wonderful gift you have been given Gracie! Gorgeous. =)

thegreytail said...

you realy should STOP making such beautiful bracelets.. you know that..
kiddin'go on, I like them all, they're all so different, but you manage to match colours and shapes so well.. can't wait to know how you'r going to name the Lady.. ;)

Julie said...

Beautiful bracelets.
Your lady looks like a Felicity to me.