Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A very warm start again

One of these mornings, I will wake and feel cool..that is temps under 100 for the day.  The temp yesterday was 106...and It will be near that again today. Yesterday was our monthly stitch group. Many of the snowbirds have not yet returned to AZ so the group is still small. We visit and stitch and present one of our works...I took my Dragonflies on bamboo...and then we have lunch. As always there is catching up with one another and sharing ideas. I am working on this SW scene that Dennis has asked me to do. I really want to get it finished so I can start another..still to be decided project. Why is it I am stitching one and planning the next? I always have a few "in waiting". There just is never enough time in my day! I have started another book and there also I have books on my "to read" list. I long to sit outside on the lanai to stitch and read...maybe, just maybe tomorrow~

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