Sunday, July 31, 2016

Coming soon~~~~~

I just do not know where all the days go. August already! For most it signifies the end of summer. For me I think that soon the temps will be more comfortable and once again I will be sitting outside. I miss my mornings out on the front porch with my coffee and needle in hand. Soon, coming soon to my neighborhood. In the meantime the air is on and I am comfortable indoors. So far the air conditioner is working okay but we think September will be replacement time. Mr H and I went out to grab dinner Friday night at a restaurant nearby (not new to the area) for the first time. We did not really enjoy the meal or the atmosphere and lo and behold, at 2 AM on Saturday I woke to rush to the bathroom and continued this behavior for several hours. So Saturday was not the best day of the week for me. But~~~~~ the mail delivery brought me
Oh my goodness I can not wait to start this. Swam of Bees by Sarah Homfray, stumpwork kit. I saw the video she has on doing the Turkish stitch and I knew I had to have this bee. From time ordered to arrival from the UK it was only 5 days. I have finished all the stitching for the Sewing Basket and also made my templates for cutting. I will look though my fabric bins because I am sure I must have the right fabrics for this. My Sunflower needle punch is moving right along too.

I am however finding that I need to buy a scissor that is flat for cutting the threads close. I guess I will look to Nordic Needle to check what they have...maybe the applique type. Still feeling a bit weary from my Saturday experience so I am not working steadily on anything today. Mr H has been behaving himself but the ladder is still out. Now he needs to trim the Honeysuckle. I must admit, it is too high and growing like a weed. So many plants have landed in the trash with this heat, but this one continues to thrive. We actually had a rain, thunder and lightening storm the other evening. The morning started out cloudy but now the sun has made an appearance so the heat is starting up, not that it was cool before. The over night lows were in the high 80's. With that I will say thank you for visiting and welcome to few new friends....thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.


Vickie said...

Thank goodness for happy mail on Saturday! Ugh. I would think you won't be returning to that restaurant. Your needle punch is pretty. Keep cool!

shirley flavell said...

Gosh there is nothing worse I think than tummy upsets from tainted food.Hope you came right after that. Lovely to get parcels in the mail,especially when it's needlework. They will be lovely to do. We have opposite temps to you at the moment although I have to say we have had a pretty mild Winter in the area where I live in the middle of the North Island N.Z.So good to hear that your good man is making favourable progress after his surgery.Have a good week.

Bea said...

No doubt about it, you won't be returning to THAT restaurant. I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Wonderful mail! That always makes us perk up and smile.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Poor you feeling ill but at least the postman cheered you up.

The bee looks wonderful, I've not tried stumpwork so it will be interesting to see how you get on with it.

KimM said...

Sorry you had a rough start to your weekend.....great stuff from the mailman, eh? Your punched needle designs are so pretty.