Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day #1 and some beads and post #501

There is something about the first day of the month... I just like the idea of another new beginning. Maybe it is the chance to change from the past into the new that intrigues me. A new start of sorts. This September is different to me. It was a year ago that Mr H was facing the first of five surgeries that would take him to December. It has been a very long year in healing both physically and mentally for us. I am pleased to say we have more good days than off days and that eventually time will heal his discomfort. Now hold your seats... I am not a religious person, but I do believe there are angels who are watching over us. Some days they do their job just right. He never ever complains.... he is a gem and I will treasure him forever.
I did not get any stitching done yesterday as I went off to work. I got a call giving me today off so today I will stitch! But what will I stitch? I get so tempted by what I have in my room ... in files ... in boxes. During this coming week I will show you what surprises I have found and all I did was peek into these dark places! But look here...

These are two bracelets waiting to be put together. So tempting  that I find these little jars with their lovely colors. I should tell you how it is that I have this selection. I have an enabler...Mr H. I showed him a picture of the bracelet and before I knew it we were including the bead shop in our errand run! The beads are Tilas and 2 hole seed as well as size 8 seed beads. So tempting these beads are.
My Lady is coming along and thank you for following her. She will eventually need a name so start putting on your thinking caps...when she is finished she must have a name.
I realized today that this post is #501! Amazing. I appreciate your visiting with me and the comments and email with kind words. I enjoy your opinions and suggestions...keep them coming. I do hope you Labor Day is relaxing ...hugs to you all.


CalamityJr said...

I think we'll need to see what you have in mind for your Lady before we can come up with names, since you've teased us about what's to come. :). Glad Mr H has had such good results this past year; here's to many more healthy and happy years together!

Vickie said...

Firstly, it is fantastic to have your hubby as an enabler!! ;)
Secondly, you are 100% correct, we do have God's angels watching over us, guiding us, helping us and protecting us all of the time.What a blessing and comfort it is!♥

Julie said...

It's always wonderful when your loved one is interested in the hobby you choose, I too have a hubby like that. Looking forward to seeing what you create with those beautiful beads.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Are they really closing your joanns?
Hubby said he went by there and they were closing down and going out of business. OH THE HORROR AND I HAVE NO MONEY!!!!

thegreytail said...

I'm glad Mr H is doing better.. and the fact that he's so supportive.. wow, just WOW!
and don't let me start with the bead selection.. both stunning..
enjoy the long weekend!

butterfly said...

Looking forward to see what you are going to be making with the beads.
I do hope Mr H will be much better in time, the Angels have always been there for me, always have faith, hugs.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm so pleased Mr H is getting better and that he enjoys your hobby too.
The beads are so pretty!
I think your lady is a Susannah known as Suey or Suzie to her friends.