Sunday, June 14, 2015

A hot quiet day

So nice and quiet this morning... very hot outside though. It is 87 right now and the temp is expected to be at 103 today. The whole week is expected to be 103-111. So I think it is best to stay indoors and enjoy the air conditioning comfort. Mr H and I watched a good movie last night; Night Train To Lisbon. I think I may try to get the book to read. I loved the words that were narrated throughout the movie. I did manage this past week to stitch on and off on Red Riding Hood...she is complete and now to get the wolf some legs and the rest of the forest done. Slow going as I can only stitch for short times. But that is okay. Tomorrow I return to the doctor to see what we can do to help eliminate the swelling and pain. This week is the last to sign up for the July Card Exchange. The Thimble Exchange is still open. I guess that about covers it for today. The laundry is drying, I need another cup of coffee and something to munch. Glad you had some time to visit. Have a great day my dear friends.


Ma, Herself said...

Yikes, we are heading into the 90s this week, but you are way past in the AZ! Staying indoors with the AC sounds like a good plan. I'm glad that you are able to stitch more, and hoping that the pain and swelling will keep lessening...keep us posted after your Dr. visit :)
Have a good day...hello to Mr. H

Julie said...

Hope all goes well at the Dr's tomorrow and you are soon feeling more comfortable with the hand.

butterfly said...

Your yard looks so lovely .
Good to see you have started to stitch again, enjoy your week.
And please add me to the July card list hugs.

KimM said...

Glad to hear you're stitching - stay cool this coming week. I have a cousin in Glendale AZ and she's getting ready to stay in as much as possible, too.

Vickie said...

I am praying for you and your Dr. visit tomorrow.

Keep cool!

Sally said...

Hope you get on well at the doctor's.

I couldn't stand that heat! Lol!

shirley flavell said...

Good to hear you are stitching. Envy you having warmer temps, we are cold and wet where we are, however great to be knitting and stitching. Best wishes with your visit to the Dr. Hugs Shirley. P.S.your patio area looks lovely.