Saturday, June 13, 2015

Not a routine start~~~~~

On the days that I work, we have a routine; Mr H opens the garage door, he waits as I back out and a wave and I am off. Friday was a little different. Instead of the garage door closing and I drive off-----
as I started out onto the street I was confronted with a coyote chasing a little bunny towards me. I began to sound the horn in an attempt to startle the coyote into retreat and save a bunny. Mr H hearing this thought I needed him, so out around the corner he arrives and I am yelling "a coyote chasing a bunny!" Mr H scoops up some crushed stones and begins to run into the courtyard. Drama as he stops to peek around the wall divider...... when  the coyote runs past him, taking a leap and sailing through the air right over a 6 foot wall! This young coyote never even touched the wall, landing right in front of my car. I slowly followed him up the street to make sure it did not double back to find the bunny. Off he went into another  courtyard and I off to work. Well, I tell you,I only wish I had my camera in hand. What a sight---Mr H in pj's, stones in hand for protection and a coyote sailing through the air! We assume the bunny safely made it back to it's home as there was no sign of it anywhere. Now I know that the coyote must eat, and they do keep the rabbit population under control, but not while I am watching!
Now onto a few new items added to my sewing room.

The pretty rooster fabric is to make a skirt for a shelving unit in the kitchen, and the wonderful potholder pattern and the fabrics to make the butterfly twice.
I found this pattern at Jo Ann's---it is from Indigo Junction, Alice in Wonderland collection. I love the March Hare and the Door-mouse, the other is the Mad-hatter. I have a few days off so I hope the get at least the Butterfly potholders made..... maybe a start on the March Hare too. Since I most likely will be having the injections on my right hand Monday, fine needlework will be out of the question for a few days. This will be easier to do. Oh, I forgot to mention.... we have discovered that our Woodpecker is now stopping by for a drink daily. The House finches are not too happy but wait until he leaves before they stop for a turn at the feeder. The Hummingbird? Well, there is another feeder in the the back yard that he goes to. I do not think the Woodpecker has discovered it yet.

Here he is looking at me look at him through the living room window. What a treat to watch him so closely. Once he leaves, the feeder is quite sticky and needs a refill, but I hope he continues to visit daily.
I have received a few cards from the June exchange... such fun and nice to have cards on display each month. So it is time to sign up for July's exchange...leave a message if you want to join in. Also, I am still taking names if you are interested for the Thimble Exchange....lots going on. Glad you stopped buy today...thank you for the kind words and most of all for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.


KimM said...

LOL - what a sight that must have been - Mr. H in pi's armed with rocks as protection. ;0)

Vickie said...

What a story!
How neat for the woodpecker to be coming daily.
Have a good night you two.

Fiona said...

what a story.... sounds like it should be in a story book!

shirley flavell said...

Love your story.Don't really know what a coyote looks like or sounds like but giggled at the shenanigans that must have gone on. Such a lovely woodpecker. Don't have those in N.Z. or hummingbirds, would love to see them. My favourite birds in N.Z. are the Tui and the native pigeon . Lovely colours and their "talk" or song is lovely. Have a good week . Hugs Shirley

thegreytail said...

WOW! that was quite the way to start a day! :)
and yes, I perfectly agree: you all guys have to eat but not while I'm here witnessing it, sorry!
if only you had a way to capture Mr. H in his jim-jams, with stones in his hands and a flying coyote in the background! :D
I hope your injections do the trick, in the meantime you have such adorable things to keep you busy. <3
take care, lots of hugs

Cindy's Stitching said...

poor bunny. Glad it survived the day.

Julie said...

What a start to your day. Pleased the bunny escaped.
Nice new pattern and fabrics.

rosey175 said...

o my, what a story you tell! I am sure that bunny is very grateful and will inform all the others to stay away from Mr. H's flowers. :) I love that March Hare.