Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More rain? Really???

It hardly ever rains here in The Valley of the Sun in Arizona.... yet there is more moving in today. Not complaining, but I do hate to drive in it. People forget how to drive in the rain out here. I took advantage of the couple of days off to rest and put this cold out of my system. I feel much better; not coughing or stuffy. This is a good thing as I have work today. I visited Mr H in the garden yesterday when he was tending to the watering
It was so humid and hot that I was only out for a few minutes. Our Snail vine is just so full and pretty. The arbor is almost completely covered and it is only one plant!

Not sure if Mr H was trying a pole dance or just moving the umbrella! A bit of fun before returning to the comfort of air conditioning. Right now it is so cloudy and humid. For a land locked state, it feels very tropical out there. I did get to stitch a little yesterday. Taking it slow with the swollen hand. I am hoping to get an appointment for Monday for injections. I arranged to have Tuesday off so I can let the hand absorb the medication without working and using it.  We had a visitor~~~~~ again yesterday
 The Gila Woodpecker returned for more sweet hummer food. There is a full birdbath just beneath this feeder, but he prefers to hang and drink.His markings/colors are so nice.A bright patch of red on his head and blush yellow on his underside. He is about 9 inches in length. Just silly looking hanging there.
Starting a  Thimble Exchange ----- if interested let me know to add you to the list. If you join and wish to send only to the USA, just let me know.I enjoy sending and receiving from around the world. That is it for today. Thank you for your visit and the kind words. Have a wonderful day.


Vickie said...

Nice to get caught up with you.
Take it easy with your hand. Hope those injections work wonderfully.

Lee said...

Lovely to see photos of you both thanks for sharing. Do hope your hand recovers soon Take care

Carla Eldridge said...

Your arbor is beautiful! Mr. H has done a fine job of it...I'm not sure about the pole dancing but I will support him 100% on whatever dreams he has! :D

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Hi, I would like to send another thumble to someone. Count me in Lynda Ruth

rosey175 said...

With all your rain is it necessary to still water the flowers? I would still be out playing with them though. :)) I hope you continue to mend. I think people always forget how to drive in the rain. Even when I lived in Hawaii, people forgot... and it was a daily occurrence! Maybe it is the tourists causing the problems.

cucki said...

I hope your hand recover soon
Beautiful photos my dear xx

KimM said...

Lol!!! Pole dance? Boy, I burst out laughing when I read that. Stay cool. Hope the injection help you. Please include me in your thimble exchange.

Julie said...

Lovely pictures of you both. I hope your hand is feeling much better after the procedure. xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hope the injection works well, you'll need both hands to paddle the boat when the flood comes after all your rain!!