Thursday, June 18, 2015

Back to work today

I will be off to work later this morning after a week off..... just the way the schedule is. In a way it is good to rest my hand from the 5 hours of fabric cutting. Then again, it is going to be a long day! I must thank you for the concern and suggestions for my hand. Yes, I have tried the anti-inflammatory meds, the hot and cold compresses, as well as elevation and rest. All have a temporary relief. I am still waiting for the MRI appointment. My blood tests are done so until the next tests it is a wait game. I am just stitching on/off when I can. I think it is good that I am a 2 handed stitcher. Did I mention it is very hot...yesterday we tied the temp of 115...and the whole week is suppose to be like this. House air on as well as the ceiling fans and the car of course. I love the automatic starter so it can be cooled down for several minutes before getting in. Just to go to the garden to water the plants requires a push! It is a busy day here in our homestead....the roofing project continues (my home is not being down yet) and the Palm trees are being trimmed. How these workers can sit on a roof or climb these tall trees in this hot temperatures is a marvel. The roofers can only work from 4:30 AM to around noon and the trees will be down early too. Me, I plan to have very limited outdoor time. I went out to water the potted plants and they will need more by the afternoon. Oh yes, I want to remind you all of the July Card Exchange... I will email the list this weekend and the Thimble Exchange is still open. To answer a recent question, the card exchange is just that...a card only, no gifts (although I have received a few sweet little patterns, the ones that are printed on little cards)---but no gifts. This is to return to the handwritten notes of times gone by.Regarding the Thimble Exchange, it can be what you wish but the important item is the thimble. There, business finished. Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to visit with me. I treasure your friendship...have a wonderful day. I leave you with my sleeping cats
momma and baby....


Julie said...

Way too hot for me. Hope you have some nice cheery customers to help pass the day happily. X

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: First of all please forgive me for not getting back to you about the bracelet pattern I will send it to you via snail mail, it is easy and fun.
I am so sorry you are having trouble with your hand, I have had problems in the past myself, when I was making stuffed animals, way to much cutting of fake fur.
I hope the doctor finds the problem and will help you with out surgery.
I love the cat at the bottom of your post so cute.
I love hot weather I could live in 100 degree weather with no problem.


butterfly said...

Gracie I had the same trouble with my hand and could not stitch for a bit and had to wear a hand brace ,
then one day I was watering the garden with a heavy watering can , and all at once I knew it was this that was making my hand hurt , because I only had the pain in the summer months , so I told my husband from now on you must water the garden a few weeks later my hand got better and I never had the pain again and I still don't water, so seeing you are watering your garden are you carrying a heavy can ! just a thought.