Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New fabric.... quilties and a new blogger

A busy day yesterday. Before leaving work I just had to buy fabric...
I have plans for these lovelies, but you will have to wait to see.
I hope you can see the bit of gold in the red the muted colors in the gold piece.

Yesterdays mail brought me these...
I participated in Sandra Kaye's Quiltie exchange in January. Normally, Sandie and I meet up for breakfast but it seemed like things got in the way. She mailed them to me instead and we are making plans for a meet soon. The one that is a house is from Sandy Rowe..she did not include info so I can not properly thank her. The one with the cross is from Lori and the last one from Vicki who are both in Florida. I will be sending email to thank them for lovely quilties.

About the new is Annette who stitches in California. I hope you find the time to welcome her She is a very talented friend.
It is a beautiful morning here in Arizona so I will take my coffee and newspaper out to the lanai and then do some stitching. Mr H has been assigned a help me project and I will be trying a bracelet I saw on Pinterest. All in all it seems like it will be a busy day. Thank you for visiting and for the lovely comments and emails.....have a wonderful day.


milly said...


I love your fabrics, the colours are lovely.

Your exchange gift is lovely.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful sunshine you are having.

Thank you for the new blogger information, I a will have a look.

Happy stitching.

Annette-California said...

Ohhh pretty fabrics, love the colors. And Thank You very much for mentioning me. Very sweet of you. I love the Quilties you got. How beautiful - is that lavender color I see:) Enjoy the sun!

Julie said...

Hi, just found your blog.

Look forward to seeing what you get up to with your nice new fabrics.

Nancy said...

Love those fabrics! Looking forward to seeing them in a project!

Jennifer M. said...

Very lovely fabrics you got. Your exchange gifts are lovely too. Enjoy your crafty time. :)


butterfly said...

Great fabrics, and exchage gifts.
I have passed on the LIEBSTER REWARD to you, take a look at my blog , hugs.