Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is it me, blogger or the cold

Well, I tuned in this morning and found a picture from my last post was removed!? Now I know that I did not do it.. so who snuck in here and took it???? And someone commented yesterday that it was not there but since I could still see it I did not pay further attention. Now I put it back... so there blogger.
Cold... did I say cold? Well for those of us here in the Valley of the Sun where temps for the winter months are usually in the 50 to 60 daytime range and maybe mid 30 during the late night wee hours.... try -19 at the Grand Canyon this morning and here in Sun City which is just about breaking light... it is only 27.  I am afraid Mr H is going to lose some of his lovely plants. We looked at the Ficus damage yesterday... hopefully most  of the tree will be saved. The Honeysuckle looks dire and my tomato plant is not looking too promising. I wish he had put the tomato in a pot as he usually does... oh well, we just have to wait it out. The overnight freezing is expected to last a few more nights. For us, this is the coldest we have felt in the 8 years here. Now back in Rhode Island you expect this!
Finally and I say that with a huge sigh, my first RAK for our blog group is sealed and ready for the Post Office tomorrow. I hope my new friend will like it. I have been thinking about my stitching the last few days. That in itself is dangerous. Usually I go with the flow of the day! My problem is that I want to do too many so many things. I constantly want to try new things. What am I to do? I think... there is that word again... I will try to work out a plan to stitch certain projects on certain days...rotation, like some of you do. So, if anyone who does so has any suggestions at all.... I really need all the help I can get.... please suggest! This morning I find myself sitting in front of Iris... about time! So, I positively need a hot hot hot cup of tea... and with needle in hand will favor Iris... at least for the morning.  I alwasy enjoy our visits and thank you  for taking the time to chat.... have  a wonderful day.
PS It is football playoff time... Go Pats! That is New England Patriots and Tom Brady if you did not know. Susan,(Plays with Needles) congratulations on the Ravens win yesterday.


Shelly said...

Gracie, it's pretty cold. I'm up in Prescott Valley and it's 7 degrees. I have the heater cranked up! Blogger seems to be having fits lately as I had my own issues with it the other day.

Enjoy Sunday and keep warm!

Emma/Itzy said...

Here tonight the snow has just started to fall with some more supposed to arrive tomorrow! I know just what you mean about stitching, I think that is the only problem with having so many wips, so much to do and not enough time!

cucki said...

lots of love for you deary..
big hugs x

Vickie said...

ooOoo! That is cold for you! It is 10º right now here. :(

Carolyn said...

Our lows here got down to 12 degrees and last night was 19 degrees...Brrrr..

I've heard a lot of individuals have lost some plants due to this freeze.

It is hard being a stitcher when it comes to deciding what you want to stitch versus what you need to stitch or finish first. Good luck and keep us posted.

Go PATS! That was a good game yesterday.

Parsley said...

It's cold here too and I'm working on a third cup of hot tea.

Julie said...

We have her are they are predicting more, it looks so lovely from my window, not so lovely when you have to go out in it though.

Nicola said...

We dont get many frosts in our little cove but when we do expect them we wrap our tender plants in bubble wrap to protect them.